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Rick Rypien's Media Blitz

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

Rick Rypien has earned a reputation for being tough and his fight history backs that up. He’ll take on anybody and he’ll do well.

With a boxer dad growing up, he naturally had an interest in boxing (and we’ve seen that he picked up some technique along the way as well) and there’s no greater fighter than Muhammad Ali.

Maybe more for pleasure than research but his books of choice reflect that interest.

"I probably read magazines more than books but the few books that I do have are like the Muhammad Ali books about his story and his background."

"I think I got them when I was younger maybe 18 or 19, I got my first one about him and over the years have picked up a few more here and there. I’ve read them all and I’ve read them all a few times."

There are over 30 books about the legendary boxer but that only touches the surface of the numerous movies, magazines, photographs, and music that he’s influenced. And of all the books, Rypien does have a favourite (although it took a few minutes to choose just the one).

"I liked the one called ‘Facing Ali’ the best. Every chapter’s a different fighter that he fought, giving their version of how it went down when they fought him and their side of the story."

'Facing Ali', a film documentary based on the book, debuted at this year’s Vancouver International Film Festival. Rypien was in attendance, as well as a very special guest.

"Hordichuk and I went to the premiere for the movie when they had it in Vancouver. We actually got to meet him and we were with him. We watched the movie actually with Muhammad Ali."


Also not too surprisingly, Rypien is an avid mixed martial arts fan. In 2006, at the Canucks summer conditioning camp, he got to try his hand at some basic technique of the sport.

MMA is a full contact sport that combines several forms of martial arts that rivals boxing and wrestling.

The sport is growing quickly and becoming one of the most popular sports with it becoming almost ubiquitous. And to keep up with the sport, Rypien has his go-to.

"The last website I went to was I go on it everyday and it covers MMA all over the world. I like following all that stuff because I find it very interesting."

The debate for the best MMA fighter is probably up in the air but Rypien’s got his top choice.

"I like Anderson Silva, he’s one of my favourites. I was a big Chuck Liddell fan but he kind of fell off the map a little bit."

Silva is a Muay Thai specialist but also has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Tae kwon do, and Judo. In 29 fights, he has only lost 4 times.


The hockey schedule isn’t the most kind to social events, which means musical act after musical act goes through the city and players won’t get to see them for months or even years.

If conditions were ideal, Rypien would want to see Metallica.

"o never got the chance to see them. Whenever they’re around, I was never able to go."

The last time Metallica was in Vancouver was December 2, 2008 - that’s when the Canucks were in the middle of a seven-game road trip.

Ideal venue?

"It wouldn’t matter where I saw them because I haven’t seen them yet."

While U2 is popular during the game for fans, it’s not the one that gets Rypien pumped for the game. Metallica’s got tons to choose from and the song of choice at the moment?

"I like Whiskey in the Jar."

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