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Pyatt Looks Forward

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks
After months of speculation, it's finally official. Taylor Pyatt will be a Canuck for another two years.

Pyatt checks in from his home in Thunder Bay to answer a few questions. Listen to the whole conference call.

What made you forego checking out free agency?

At this point in my career it just made more sense for me to stay in Vancouver. I had a strong year last year and I really enjoyed playing there. I think it’s a team that has a chance to win to compete for the Stanley Cup and it’s where I want to be. I’m really happy with the deal and I’m looking forward to next year.

Did you ever compare yourself and think about the situation with Anson Carter last year?

I looked at it a little bit but he was in a little bit of a different situation than I am. He’s a little bit older and for me, I want to be in Vancouver and I’m happy to be back next year and I’m really looking forward to it.

What was the turnaround for you this season?

I think it was a combination of a lot of different things, being able to stay healthy for the majority of the season, a lot of time it’s kind of slowed my path, playing on the power-play, getting a lot of ice time, and playing a lot of the year with the Sedins was a big difference. I want to come next year and build off the year I had last year.

Last year you came in with few expectations, next year, there will be more expected from you, how do you think you’ll handle the change and do you think you can improve on last year?

There’s going to be a little more pressure going into the season but I definitely think that I can improve. I can try to be a little more consistent throughout the season. I went through a couple stretches where I didn’t score in a while and there’s always going to be ups and downs through seasons but just to be a little more consistent and try to be a leader on the team.

There’s been a lot of talk about using your body more and being more physical, how do you approach this?

It’s something that I want to do is just be a little more consistent, be physical and try to bring the puck out to the net a little more. I’m usually in front of the net on the power-play and all those things I can improve on.

Do you look forward to the pressure of being a top six guy looked to produce?

I’m up for the challenge, I’m looking forward to it. Daniel and Henrik have been tremendous for me, I’ve built up the confidence throughout the season and I want to build off of it for next year.

What kind of celebrations do you have after you’ve completed the deal?

I’m just happy we got it done pretty early so I’m looking forward to sitting back and relax. I look forward to next season, start training, get into top shape and get ready for training camp.

Do you think you’ve proved yourself this year?

I was given a really good opportunity to play with great players and have a lot of ice time and on the power-play a lot of the year. I was able to take advantage of that situation and I know I can do the same next year.
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