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Prospect Blog: Steven Anthony day two

by Steven Anthony / Vancouver Canucks

Steven Anthony
I wasn't entirely sure how my blog would be received but after my blog went up yesterday, I know my mom read it because she put it up on her Facebook but I'm still not sure what my friends think... yet. It's four hours ahead in Halifax so by the time it went up, it would be pretty late.

Yesterday I mentioned Yann's blog from last year and he saw me doing mine so of course he was trying to give me a hard time about it. He said that his was better but it's only day two and I know it wasn't - not even close. Today we had lunch with the Canucks staff, where we had a chance to sit and talk to come of the people who work in the building and do all those things that need to happen for the organization. But what's weird is that I ended up sitting with Yann and Evan (Oberg), who both wrote blogs last year too. So it was kind of like the blog table - but I still think mine will be the best or at least I will try to make it the best one. They both think they wrote better blogs. We'll see about that.

But more about the staff lunch... It’s incredible to see how many people it takes to run an organization so well so it was nice to do that - we had the chance to meet some people last year as well. And the food was really good too so it was definitely enjoyable. Our table were the three bloggers, Brendan Ellis, Pierre-Olivier Morin for prospects and we were joined by staff in marketing, creative, and web. We actually already knew the web people because they obviously help us with the blog but it was cool to get to meet the others as well.

Today was the availability with the media, which is always an interesting day because you get to see all the reporters in the room, which is so different than being in Saint John. I remember the first time I encountered the Vancouver media circuit was last year at camp with Cody Hodgson. There were so many people around him when he first came to prospect camp last year and seeing that was pretty crazy. The amount of radio stations, tv cameras, and newspapers that cover the Canucks is quite different than the number we usually have at Sea Dog games.

When we went to the finals last season, we had some increased coverage for sure. We had more Quebec media and even some national coverage so that was different. It was definitely more than regular season but I imagine there's probably ten times more in the Canucks preseason than our playoffs. The media doesn't scare me though, I know some people do get nervous for media but I don't mind it, I actually really enjoy it.

In fact, I think I've got Saint John media on my side. Because I was injured at the end of the year I didn't play much in the playoffs or even in the month before that so I started to talk to the media guys that travelled with us a lot more. I got to know Tim Roszell, our radio guy and Scott Briggs, who writes for a newspaper really well during that time.

Okay, because I love movies, I'm going to share some of my recommendations with a movie of the day. Today I'm going to actually say a movie that isn't even released yet, Inception. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio and is directed by Christopher Nolan, who also directed the Dark Knight. I saw the previews a couple of times and it looked good so I’m excited to see that - hopefully on opening day, if I get a chance. It's not out yet so I can't say much about it yet but go see it and you can decide whether my suggestion was good or not.

We get the night to rest up and get ready for tomorrow with more on-ice sessions and workouts. I'll write more tomorrow.

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