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Prospect Blog: Steven Anthony day six

by Steven Anthony / Vancouver Canucks

Steven Anthony
A week has passed by already and it’s the last day of camp and I really can’t believe how much we’ve done in a week. Everything was set up so well and it was just a really good camp. We got to learn a lot about how to get better and become a better hockey player so this camp has been really good for them to put on this camp and let us experience this.

The trainers gave us Canuck jerseys with our numbers (from whatever teams we came from) and our name crested on it so that was really cool. They put them up in the dressing room in our stall like they would for a Canucks game day and walking into room was definitely a great moment to top off the camp. Last year, they gave them to us at the Grouse Grind, which was great too but seeing it hanging in our stall is something you can only dream of. We did warm up in those jerseys so I really liked that.

We had a three-on-three tournament to close out camp. Everyone played four four-minute games and the top two teams played in a playoff game to determine the winner. I was teamed with Jeremy Price and Scott Zurevinski and I think we were really good together but we hit some bad luck to start the day.

The first game we played against Friesen, Morin, and Edwards and it was tied for most of it until we got the 10 second warning. The other team took a shot and it hit off the leg and went in so we ended up losing 2-1 in that one.

We were up against Schroeder, Henry, and Hannay in the second game, where we lost 1-0 but I think it was a little controversial. We scored a late goal but they said it didn’t go in even though we saw it cross the line but the call didn’t go our way.

We then lost against Rodin, Polasek, and Tanev 1-0 in our third game - but to be fair they ended up being the top team on our side of the tourney and we only let in one goal.

We played Yann’s team in our last game - he was teamed with Tochkin and Jordan. I’m not going to lie, our team wanted to win really bad going into this last one because our record wasn’t so good and because it was against Yann so bragging rights were on the line. We ended up winning 2-1, which is really the game we needed to win most any way. Yann will definitely hear about it all the way to the airport. He didn’t say much to me after the game though, but that’s probably because he figured we would win anyway.

I think ending the camp this way was a great idea because it was a lot of fun. It’s also good for us to get ready for the tournament with some of the prospects from other teams in September. I’m really excited to go to Penticton because whenever I’m in BC, I am only ever in Vancouver so it’ll be neat to see another city and I think it’ll really help us to get into some games before the season starts. I know some guys on my team that went to camp with Toronto, Ottawa, and Pittsburgh that went to the Traverse City tournament and they really enjoyed that so I think this will be good.

Right now, all I can think of that might be at the tournament is our goalie from Saint John, Marco Cousineau, who was an Anaheim draft pick so he should coming with them. I think our first game’s against Taylor Hall, the first overall pick so I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of media checking out his first game. That will be exciting.

Finally, I just want to say thanks for letting me do the blog and letting me share some of my stories with you. I hope you enjoyed reading it because I really enjoyed writing this - it was fun to do. As a first time blogger and someone relatively new to this world, I hope you were able to learn a little about what it’s like to be a player and share some insights from camp as well. It was really cool being able to check it out on the website and seeing it there because I’ve never written anything like this before and had so many people reading it.

Thank you for letting me blog for you this week and all the support has been great

Everyone’s rushing me to get out of here - the van might leave to the airport without me! I’m going to head back to Halifax for a couple months and I’ll be back for camp in September.

Have a great summer!

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