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Prospect Blog: Steven Anthony day four

by Steven Anthony / Vancouver Canucks

Steven Anthony
I’m actually going to switch it up a bit today and start with a movie of the day because I forgot yesterday so I’ll do yesterday’s movie of the day, which was Gladiator. It’s an older one that most people have probably already seen, but it’s a really good story and Russell Crowe is really good in it. There’s a lot of action and it’s a movie I find that I can watch over and over again and it’s still good every time. It’s probably one of my top favourite movies. I’ve probably seen it 25 times at least because I own it.

So I’m sure you’ve all heard that the group took on the dreaded Grind today on Grouse Mountain and I was hoping the second time would be easier and luckily it was. But don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy - it was just better. The first time, I remember I was going up seeing the sign that said I was a quarter of the way there and thinking that there was still three quarters to go, which meant there was a long way left to go.

But I knew what to expect this time and when I saw the quarter mark, I didn’t get the same feeling I did last year. I knew how to prepare myself, not to get ahead of myself because I knew how long it is this time.

We went up in groups of five or six like we did last year. My group was Taylor Jordan, Keith Kincaid, Kevin Clark, Chris Tanev, and Sayer Hannay. Chris trains in Vancouver so he’s done this before and I did it last year so I had experience from that but it was the first time for the others. We didn’t have a strategy for the run at all. We kind of ended up just taking turns setting the pace.

We had a good start and then we started to slow down so we ended up in sixth at 51:38. The last four teams actually finished within 28 seconds of each other so it was super close. Kevin Connauton’s group won, finishing at 44:53 - he won last year too. He and Price were talking a lot on before the run so they kind of needed to win (they were both on the winning team last year too).

The best part, if there is a best part, is when you get a bit past the three quarter mark when you start to see some light at the top of the hill. That’s when you start to pick up the pace a little bit and gives you a little boost to keep going because you know it’s almost over. The worst part was this one part that was sort of blocked off and you had to take a little detour and cut off the stairs so we had to cut around and go on the actual hill. It wasn’t too long but I thought it was really hard because with the steps, you can kind of just step up and this part you kind of had to rock climb, which I wasn’t entirely prepared for.

After the Grind, we went to watch a Vancouver Canadiens game at Nat Bailey stadium. It was great to see a game in Vancouver because I’m a really big baseball fan. I played baseball most of my life and stopped playing just three years ago. It’s just a really fun sport to play in the summer.

Whenever I go on trips, I always try to pick up a Major League Baseball game when I can. I really liked going to Fenway because it’s so neat with the history, not because the seats are the most comfortable. The experience there was very cool. Also the stadium in Pittsburgh (PNC Park) when I watched a Pirates game was a really nice stadium. It was close to brand new when I went about five or six years ago so it’s two very different experiences that stick out most to me.

If I had my choice though, I would love to go to Yankee Stadium because I’m a big Yankees fan and they have so much tradition so it would be awesome to see a game there. I’m a big Alex Rodriguez fan - I don’t know how many people are anymore - but I still think he’s an awesome player. And I like Derek Jeter as well.

I’m sticking with the baseball theme today for the movie of the day: Bull Durham. It’s about a minor league pitcher with Kevin Costner and Tim Robbins. It’s pretty old but it’s really funny and serious at the same time.

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