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Prospect Blog: Camp day two

by Steven Anthony / Vancouver Canucks

Steven Anthony
After sitting out the first game of the tournament, I am playing tonight against the Sharks prospects and I’m very excited for that. It was cool to see the tournament unfold and how things will work but it’ll be better to play in it. I don’t know many guys on San Jose so its like playing a whole new team.

We just got into Penticton yesterday and came straight to the rink and then straight to the rink this morning for the skate so there hasn’t been a whole lot of time for sightseeing.

It’s a much different terrain than I’m used to - when we flew in, we couldn’t really see much because it was cloudy but after we landed, it was mountains everywhere, which is a change from where I’m from. It’s nice being by the mountains and having the lake right there too, it’s definitely a nice city. We can see the lake from the balcony in the hotel so that’s really nice to wake up to in the morning. I don’t imagine we’ll have a lot of time but maybe on our day off tomorrow but we’ll be busy with all the games to really get to do things around the city.

The arena here is really nice too. In Junior A, where I live in the Maritimes, there are no rinks even close to this. This could be a top rink in the Quebec League and even the dressing room here is a really nice facility to host the Junior A team. It’s pretty incredible because there’s a lot of teams in the Quebec League that don’t have facilities like this.

I’m lucky because we have a really nice rink in Saint John because we use the old Saint John Flames rink and it’s really not that old at all and it seats a little bit more than here in Penticton but we definitely have one of the nicer rinks in the League.

This city is really peaceful and even in my room, which is a change from last year because my roommate last year was Yann, who was one of the louder roommates I’ve had. This year my roommate is Pierre-Olivier Morin, who ‘s pretty quiet and French – so something did carry over from last year. (and I talked about my roommate in July, who was Matson, who was also one of the quieter guys). Pierre-Olivier’s a good guy. We play in the same League, he plays for Lewiston so we kind of know of each other a little bit. Matson was my other roommate in the summer.

Before I started today’s blog, Kellan asked me to mention him so I am. But since I’m a pretty nice guy, I’ll even say something nice about him. Coming into camp this year, Kellan definitely worked hard this summer and I know he’s been in Vancouver most of the summer training and he worked hard so that’s one positive thing. That’s all you’re getting.

I was thinking about what I would choose as the movie of the day on the plane because I wanted to think of something relevant to the tournament. Let’s go with the Mighty Ducks 2 because they played in a tournament in that one so I’m trying to use something to link back to this tournament. The best character is the goalie, Goldberg. I think he’s funny. I haven’t watched the movie in a long time but I know as a kid, I watched them a lot. There are a lot of good characters but he’s definitely one of the best ones.

Let me know your thoughts, questions, and comments!

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