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Prospect Blog: Camp day three

by Steven Anthony / Vancouver Canucks

Steven Anthony
We had a day off yesterday, which was really nice to get to recooperate and rest after a game day. We had to go in to the rink for a quick workout and meal but that was it, the rest of the day was ours.

I also got to sleep in, which I really enjoyed because we’ve been getting up really early every other day so to have one day after a late night is something I appreciate. I have a bit of an advantage over some of the other guys because back home is four hours ahead so when we have to wake up at 7, it’s 11 for me. After a week here, that advantage is fading so I’m just like everyone else.

After I left the rink, I pretty much just hung around the hotel and spent some time with my dad, who came over from Halifax to watch me play. He didn’t make it out for last year’s and since this year is more of a tournament, he’d get to see more games so he decided to come out.

My younger brother, Bryan just left for school in Connecticut to play hockey at Pomfret. He’s 16 so it’s the first time he’s out of the house. I’m proud of him going down there to play hockey. He’s also a forward but I’m a bit biased so I have to say that I’m better but he’s a really good player. Since he’s younger he’ll have time to catch up.

We’re really close in age so we did get along really well and did a lot of things together. I wish I had some good stories for you like how I put him in the dryer or tied him to the net and shot pucks at him or something but I think I was a pretty good brother so I’ve got nothing. If anything, he’d probably try to do things to me but I had the size advantage so I could just hold his head or something and hold him back.

I went to a similar type school for hockey in New Hampshire called Holderness so I know exactly what he’s going through and he’s definitely going to enjoy it. At my school, we had to play a sport every season so I played hockey in the winter and baseball in the spring but I didn’t have anything in the fall.

I didn’t really like soccer and didn’t really want to do cross-country so I ended up playing football, which helped that team because the coach would often try to get the hockey players on his team anyway. I could throw the ball so they put me as quarterback and played that for a little bit as the backup but I think I got better with time. Obviously, hockey stuck but football was fun too.

I’m going to go with Friday Night Lights for today’s movie and tie in that football bit. I’m sure a lot of people have seen it but it’s a good team movie and after spending a good part of the week with everyone here, I think that movie is appropriate. I read the book before the movie came out, which I tend to do with some movies but a lot of time, I’d read the book and then I’d be disappointed when the movie came out. I think with this one, the movie actually does a really good job with the story and didn’t disappoint.

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