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Prospect Blog: Camp day six

by Steven Anthony / Vancouver Canucks

Steven Anthony
We didn’t end up going to see the Town last night. After coming back to the hotel from the rink, I just fell asleep until around six and the movie was seven so it was cutting it close, especially since we didn’t have dinner yet. We might try again tonight but I’m sure the same thing will happen.

Something people might not know about me is that I go to the University of New Brunswick at Saint John. The Sea Dogs are really good about encouraging and supporting players going to school. I graduated high school in 2009 so I just finished my first year last year taking four business classes. I’m really interested in the subject but since I’ve just started, I’m not completely sure where I’m going yet specifically.

Because of the major junior schedule, I have to take the business classes in the second semester so right now, I’m taking Philosophy and Psychology – that could be a real mind bender. I’m taking two at a time, which seems really little compared to most other students who attend classes more regularly, but I’m actually one of the few players on the team that take two classes per semester. Most guys tend to just take one class at time, which is no easy feat either.

I enjoy school - I know some people don’t like it and it’s tough to keep up with but it’s worth it. Obviously my parents stress that school is important but it’s really important to me as well so it’s definitely important to me to keep up with my education. I hope I can go through and finish a degree but if I come play pro hockey, it’ll definitely be hard. I want to finish my schooling no matter what happens so it might be now or it might be after my hockey career.

Being in the QMJHL, there are a good number of French guys so some of the guys are the CEGEP program. New Brunswick is a bilingual province – Moncton has about half and half English-French but Saint John’s mostly English but my French is sadly not very good.

I can pick up parts of conversations just from being around them but I couldn’t hold a conversation. I might be able to order a subway but that’s it. Our coaches speak English and all of our French guys are pretty solid in English.

For today’s movie, I’m choosing one that surprised me a little: Hustle and Flow. It was on MTV one day and I thought it was another one of those movies about a rapper but it had a really good story about struggle that I didn’t expect. I ended up buying the movie and I really enjoyed the soundtrack too - some of the songs are really catchy. I played the movie on the bus and the whole team ended up liking the movie too.

Let me know your thoughts, questions, and comments!

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