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Prospect Blog: Camp day one

by Steven Anthony / Vancouver Canucks

Steven Anthony
The first time I blogged, I didn’t really know what I was doing but I think I’ve got the hang of this now.

Since the last time I wrote, I went back home to Halifax and it was pretty much just focusing on training. I did get a chance to play in some baseball games with a team I used to play with back home, the Dartmouth Junior Dry. It was fun to get out and get some games in and play with some of the guys I used to play with. I used to play third base when I was younger but I was in the outfield this year – I’m kind of rusty, so maybe that’s why they stuck me out there. Thanks guys. But it was fun and it was really good to get out in the sun and enjoy the good weather.

I didn’t get a chance to make it out to any MLB baseball games this summer, actually, I haven’t done that in years because I’ve been training. The closest team to here is probably Boston but that’s still some hours drive away so it’s just not that convenient.

But my summer was maybe shorter than some guys because our season starts before some of the other leagues. I just got in yesterday because I got to play in some of our exhibition games with Saint John. Our first game is tonight against PEI at home, which obviously I have to miss because I’m here but it was good to get a little big of game action under my belt.

Some of the other guys were saying how it’s weird our season starts so early. The guys from the OHL and WHL like Friesen and Tochkin start their seasons later so they think it’s strange that we start right away. We actually play fewer games than they so - we play 68 games, the WHL plays 72, and the OHL plays 70. It’s funny how that works, we probably play less during the week than these guys because we all finish around the same time for the Memorial Cup.

Basically, it’s been a non-stop summer and then I came in this morning and had to check in for testing. This actually the hardest the VO2 has ever been - I don’t’ know what it was but maybe because all the other stuff I had to do beforehand.

For those who aren’t too familiar with the tests, here’s a quick breakdown. The VO2 is longer and tests your endurance, where you go for about 7-10 minutes on the bike and then they increase the tension and see how long you can. You take the Wingate 45 minutes after you do the VO2 and it’s a shorter test. You start out with 3-5 seconds to get to full speed and they drop weights down until you can barely move and then just go as fast as you can for 45 seconds.

But like I’ve said before, it never gets easier.

We leave for Penticton on Sunday and I’m really excited about the tournament in and get in some more games against other team’s prospects. I played in a couple exhibition games in Saint John but the level is obviously going to be different. There are some guys here who have played in the NHL or have a really good chance of making their teams so the competition is going to be really tough. My best friend from Saint John, our captain, Mike Thomas got an invite to Edmonton’s camp so I’ll get to play against him in the first game.

I got some good feedback for my movie of the day in July and I’ve been asked to do it again so I will. Since I started off the last blog with a movie that was about to come out, I’m going to start this one the same way. My movie today is Wall Street 2 – a sequel to Wall Street, which starred Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen and originally came out in 1987. I really liked the movie and Michael Douglas won the Oscar for best actor for that role so it was definitely a good one. The sequel’s coming out in a few weeks and this one has Shia LaBeouf and Michael Douglas reprises his role so I’m hoping it’ll be as good as the first one. That’s definitely one I looked forward to seeing. Go see it!

Let me know your thoughts, questions, and comments!

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