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Prospect Blog: Camp day four

by Steven Anthony / Vancouver Canucks

Steven Anthony
Is that it? The past five days have gone by so quickly and the tournament’s over already. Like I said in an earlier blog, Penticton has done just an amazing job with hosting the tournament and the city has treated us so well.

Everything from the facility and arena to the fans with the Vancouver signs and just the general buzz around the city is very much appreciated. When a group of 20-year olds walk around in suits, it’s pretty hard to miss us but it’s still pretty cool to have people come up to us and ask about the games and everything.

We started the tournament with a loss but I’m glad we were able to finish with a win before heading into main camp.

Today’s game started out horrible in the first period but Calgary didn’t play yesterday and we had a game – not that it’s acceptable or a reason for the way we came out. Luckily our legs came back in the second because they played extremely well – they more than doubled us in shots.

I’m a little upset at the disallowed goal in the second and I had an assist on that goal so you know how I feel about that call. We were up then and obviously it would’ve helped but luckily it didn’t hurt us.

I felt I played well even though I didn’t score this year. Last year, I played in two games and scored so I was hoping I could get one in but the sight’s off on my stick, I think. I wasn’t as consistent as I know I can be so that was frustrating but I still think I performed well overall, playing on both ends so hopefully the coaches notice that as well.

Last year I was fortunate enough to go to main camp and obviously being around the vets is pretty cool so that’s a great experience I would love to repeat again. I haven’t been to an NHL game in forever, just being where I live, there’s nothing really close to Halifax. For me, just to see all these guys – I mean Henrik Sedin was MVP of the NHL last year and I was standing right next to him. Not bad, right?

Actually my stall-mate sitting directly beside me last year was Pavol Demitra and I might have said hi to him but I wasn’t about to start up conversation with him – was a bit more shy last year.

Obviously being on the ice with them and stuff like that is cool but one thing for me that stood out is is that first day we went to camp at UBC. I remember when we pulled up in the bus to the parking lot, they had valet-like parking for the players and I remember seeing probably 10-12 black SUVs lined up. It was all top of the line cars and I think Sami Salo and Demitra were in the minority with their crazy sports cars. You don’t see that at all in Saint John. I thought it was pretty cool the way it’s set up.

My biggest strength is my skating and my size and making smart plays but I had a few chances and shots.

This is the strongest I’ve been going into a camp and working out all summer definitely helped me with that. I think I can bring more confidence and more maturity coming inot camp this year than last year. Last year, I was the youngest guy at camp and this year, I’m still young relative to everyone else but just being there before, I think it’s going to be different because I know what to expect more. I don’t think it’ll be any easier but at least I’m not going into it completely blind.

My biggest strength is my skating and my size so I need to make sure I show the coaches what I can do and stay at camp as long as I can. Obviously, they’re a lot better than me, but I look to guys like Ryan Kesler, Mason Raymond, and Alex Burrows, who I saw mature and grow into the players they are today so that’s something I strive for.

It’s been how many blogs that I’ve done now? There are so many movies, it’s getting tough to choose something now… I’m trying to think of all my movies back at home and trying to think of something good. I don’t have any on this trip so I’m trying to wrack my brain for a good one.

Actually, I recently retired all my movies because I made the blue-ray switch so right now I’m getting into some TV shows. Right now, I’m following Breaking Bad – and before you read further, I do not recommend this for children. It’s a very interesting show that stars Bryan Cranston as a high school teacher, who turns to crime to make some money. For anyone who’s seen the show before, then you’ll know it’s pretty amazing.

Let me know your thoughts, questions, and comments!

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