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Project NU2

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks

I want to run - I want to hide

One song. Two sentences. Eight words. Twenty-one letters. Too many varied opinions to count.

When the Vancouver Canucks were introduced for their regular season opener last Saturday night, they skated out to DJ M.E.G.’s Stock-Holm; that song was once again played Sunday night, before Map of the Problematique by Muse ushered the Canucks out Wednesday against the Calgary Flames.

Yes, the Vancouver Canucks are officially on the hunt for a new entrance song.

Judging from the response Kathy Anderson got when discussing U2, it’s a hot topic.

Again, U2’s Where the Streets Have No Name will no longer be the only song played when the Canucks skate onto the ice; it will still be used, in rotation, with a handful of other songs, none of which the Canucks are locked into.

We do things different on the West Coast, as is reflected in the recently released Our Team, Our Way campaign, featuring everything that makes living and playing hockey in Vancouver unique.

In sticking with that, the hunt for a truly original song began; it’s time the Canucks skated out to something fresh in hopes of firing the team and the fans up to provide the ultimate home ice advantage en route to the ultimate prize.

While no song suggestion is bad, we’ve come up with some criteria for what we’re looking for musically:

-It should drive energy and anticipation of the upcoming battle

-Something unique you won’t hear in any other arenas or stadiums

-A timeless quality (Sorry, Gangnam Style supporters)

-It must resonate with our large, diverse Canucks family

-Must have a huge impact in a short amount of time (the team’s only skating for 1-2 minutes and the first few seconds are critical)

-Should possess an anthemic je ne sais quoi

Obviously we’re looking to avoid all outdated/cliché songs, and also tunes with narrow appeal. While AC/DC’s Thunderstruck, Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson and anything from Metallica is frequently heard with other teams, it’s a new season and it’s time for a new song for the Canucks.

That’s where you come in. Your opinion matters to us, so have your say below. Your voice will help determine the future.

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