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Press Round-Up: OCT.01.07

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

What will happen to Mason Raymond and Ryan Shannon?

Jason Botchford says even though Raymond and Shannon are the "Canucks' Whiz Kids", they still face a murky future with the big club.

"Their combination of speed and skill has left the Canucks brass at the end of the preseason pondering an intriguing question today: Should they keep both?"

In a recent win, 5-4,against the Oilers, both contributed:  "Their speed can be intoxicating and, for one game anyway, helped change the entire fabric of a Canucks team that showed rare offensive potency in the last game of the Canucks' preseason."

"But Alain Vigneault made it clear, even with 14 forward spots and with Brendan Morrison questionable because of a wrist injury, neither Shannon nor Raymond are a lock to make the cut," Botchford said.
Roy knocked out by Rypien
Canucks forward may be in trouble

Botchford says that even though Canucks head coach Alain Vigneault didn't see anything wrong with Rick Rypien's hit Saturday in Edmonton that left Oilers defenceman Mathieu Roy lying motionless on the ice for five minutes, that doesn't mean the league will see it the same way.

"Nobody likes to see a player get injured," Vigneault said. "But in my book, it wasn't a penalty. It was a player being told by his coach to forecheck and skate hard.

"This is a physical game, an intense game," Vigneault said. "Hitting is part of our game, I don't want to see it taken away. I felt badly for their young player who got hurt. "

Rypien was slapped with a major penalty and a game misconduct. The league may step in and hand out a suspension, Botchford says.
Brad Ziemer , Vancouver Sun

Brad Ziemer from the Vancouver Sun says it's "MILLER TIME", as "the pre-season started and ended Saturday night for Canuck defenceman Aaron Miller."

"I was glad I could play one exhibition game before the (regular) season starts," Miller said after dressing for the Canucks' pre-season finale in Edmonton. "It has been about six months since my last game." Miller returned after missing all of camp following minor abdominal surgery.  

"I can use the practice time," Miller said. "I'm just learning the systems on the go here, but it's fun. It's been a tough way to start out with a new team with an injury, but let me tell you the trainers and everyone did an amazing job to let me get back this fast. I'm feeling good and hopefully all remains good."

On a separate note...

There are still questions lingering around about the third musketeer with the Sedin twins this season.  Brad Ziemer says, "last year at this time we knew that Naslund was going to start the season skating with the Sedin twins. So who will be riding shotgun with Daniel and Henrik this season?"

"You want an honest answer? I don't know either," Vigneault said.
Moose play waiting game with roster
All depends on who Canucks send our way

By Gary Lawless

As the season approaches, Gary Lawless said, "The Moose are an incomplete work as of now and what comes down from the Canucks will play a large factor in the quality of this team. It's expected as many as nine players will make their way to the Moose from Vancouver but injuries and/or suspensions could shorten that list."

He notes that the "Manitoba now has 24 players in house with 12 of those men having a year or more of experience at the AHL level or above."

"Any time you can get the experience and depth of players that have been through the day-to-day life of pro hockey it helps," said Arniel. "We've got some good young guys with skill and it will benefit them and us to get some experienced players back from Vancouver."

"The Canucks are still holding players such as Rick Rypien, Alex Edler, Ryan Shannon, Jason Jaffray and Luc Bourdon. All have the ability to be impact players in the AHL" Lawless mentions.

"As to who will come and who won't, it's wait and see."

Arniel released Marc-Andre Bernier (Victoria), Phil Cole (Victoria), Yukata Fukufuji (Bakersfield), Owen Fussey (Columbia), Milan Gajic (Victoria), Ash Goldie (Victoria), Colin Sinclair (Idaho) and Dirk Southern (Gwinnett).
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