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Press Round-Up - MAY.29.08

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks
He's winning people over
All the way in Pittsburgh, Trevor LInden is getting recognized for what he's done for Vancouver for 20 years. Cam Cole reports from Pittsburgh as Linden receives his award before game three between Detroit and Pittsburgh.

"Trevor Linden is no closer to knowing what his future holds, but he's pretty sure it will continue to include Canuck Place."

"The warm heart at the centre of the Vancouver Canucks' community presence for most of the past two decades, the 38-year-old Linden was the co-recipient Wednesday of the NHL Foundation Player Award at an afternoon luncheon."

"Tampa Bay's Vinny Lecavalier shared the prize, which recognizes players who apply 'the core values of hockey -- commitment, perseverance and teamwork -- to enrich the lives of people in his community.'"

"'I go back 20 years to when I first came to the Vancouver Canucks, and it was the Griffiths family's vision to build Canuck Place, and Pat Quinn and Brian Burke who taught me how to be not just a hockey player but a part of the community,' Linden said. 'And today, Debbie Butt and her staff, Karen Christiansen, make it possible for us to do both -- play and do what we can do for the community. "'So I think it's a team award.'"

As far as hockey is concerned, Cole found out nothing new from the undecided Linden.

"Linden said he has had no contact with the Canucks' new manager, Mike Gillis, or with team president Chris Zimmerman since the season ended, and has been working through his own feelings about either leaving the game or trying to stay involved in some fashion."

"'Not so much is new. I've been riding my bike around, just hangin',' he said, between periods of Wednesday night's Stanley Cup game at the Igloo, which he watched from commissioner Gary Bettman's private box."

"'At this point, I want to give myself a chance to let all the feelings and stuff dissipate, just have some time. I've had some brief conversations last year with Chris Zimmerman, but that was before everything went down [with the firing of GM Dave Nonis and Gillis's hiring]. I'm sure they're busy over there, and I've been busy myself. There's lots of time to talk about those things. I first of all needed time to work through my own situation.'"
Linden finally gets his due
Wednesday's awards ceremony showed an emotional video tribute that shows what Linden's contributed over the years but as Tony Gallagher writes, not all of his best work is shown on camera or working with the kids.

"Linden, along with his teammates and all the tireless workers involved with Canuck Place, have raised north of $25 million since the Griffiths family kicked off the project some 20 years ago."

"On Wednesday a video presentation showed Linden visiting kids at Canuck Place. After years of watching how hypocritical most of these videos are, especially with NBA players, you almost don't want to watch. After all, most of those guys never show up again when the cameras leave, but there's never any media around when Linden's doing his best work, both with the kids and the parents."

"'I found the kids are often the ones with the most courage in these situations, but it's what the parents are going through which is obviously toughest to deal with,' Linden said."

""When you're with the kids, you might focus on a picture on the wall or some video game they're playing and try to get into where they are and what interests them and then tell them about what you're doing. With the parents, you're just trying to talk with them because they're going through everyone's worst nightmare -- and I can't for a moment really imagine what that's like.'

"'But each one of them is from somewhere in B.C., and that can be a start, a way to talk shop or talk some hockey. I just tell them, 'If there's ever anything I can do, call me. I live just two minutes away.'"

"Over the years he's answered many a call, never hesitating to respond."
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