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Politically Correct

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks
Nobody's immune, not even the usually stoic stewards of the city.

Decked out in team jerseys, complete with custom name plates sewn on the back, Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan and the City Council members displayed their support for the Canucks during their weekly session Tuesday.

Sadly, the 5:00 pm start in Dallas meant the council couldn't watch as Trevor Linden swept the winning goal behind Marty Turco late in the third to give the Canucks a 3-1 edge in the series, but there was little doubt where loyalties lay.

Instead the Mayor "stickhandled" his way through the meeting with only a few minor skirmishes.

Councillor Kim Capri, the driving force behind the plan, continued the Canucks Stanley Cup theme by voting on motions by waving a Canucks towel in the Vancouver hockey tradition rather than raising her hand.

As Capri explains, getting City Council on board didn't take much persuasion.

"There wasn't one person that didn't right away excellent, let's do this.'" Capri said. "This is a council that is divided on many issues, but on this one the uptake was quick, 100 percent, without question."

"In fact, I think after yesterday's council meeting, I think people said can we wear our jerseys on Thursday?'"

Capri says the idea came about when she realized those late night council meetings might prevent her from watching the team's playoff run.

"I was feeling a little bit sad about the fact I might be sitting in a council meeting instead of watching the Canucks," she said. "And I thought we needed to have some fun in council. But I think the other big thing about why there was such an important connection with Vancouver City Council is because of who the Canucks are and what they mean to this city."

"It's present everywhere. You see people with the Canucks jerseys, the flags, the caps, puckheads... Canucks fever has hit Vancouver and council needs to be part of that."

And while council is backing the team, they are urging hockey fans throughout the city to do the same, even at their place of work. Mayor Sullivan decreed that every Friday, as long as the Canucks are alive in the playoffs, will be known as Canucks Appreciation Day.

All city employees will be encouraging to support the team by wearing Canucks colours to work.
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