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Olli blog - II

by Olli Juolevi / Vancouver Canucks
Hello again! Thank you for the kind comments on my first blog, it’s nice to know you enjoy it. I even got a text from my mom saying she liked it! Hi mom! She can understand this, my dad’s English is pretty bad, so I don’t think he can read this!

We were supposed to have more team building activities tonight, but it’s raining, so they were cancelled. Good thing for you because it gives me time to write the blog and we have lots to talk about.

Before I forget, here's a video of my first couple of days here.

On the ice, the last two days have been good because it’s less testing and more practicing. It’s nice to see how they practice in the NHL and how they do things; with the defence, we worked on how we move the puck and stick-handling, we also did some skills and skating technique.

It’s easy to see that all the players here have a reason to be here. There’s no bad players. It was two tough days on the ice and everyone did well and today was better than yesterday, it’s nice to see that. We’re all very tired.

It was sunny yesterday afternoon, so we did some team building at the lake. We were split into three teams and there were three challenges: swimming, canoeing and paddleboarding.

The swimming was funny, it was so much harder than everybody thought. It was worse because our groins and hips were already sore, then we had to go swim very far. I can swim, but it’s hard because we had to wear a t-shirt and life jacket. We know now how it feels when your ship is going down and you have to jump off and actually swim, nobody wants to do that!

My team won the paddleboarding part, even though I had never done that before. I just laid on the front of it while Kyle Maksimovich did the hard work. Overall we finished second of the three teams in all the events and had to do 25 push-ups. Doesn’t sound like much, but we were pooped from the swimming!

This afternoon was probably my favourite part of the camp so far. We divided into two groups and visited Nanaimo Child Development Centre and Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Vancouver Island. I was at Nanaimo Child Development Centre and we helped the kids make boats!

One boy named Arlo (yes he’s seen The Good Dinosaur!) and I had a lot of fun working together. He’s five and he was really into the boat making. He even drew a Canucks logo on it and put some Canucks coloured feathers. We then tested our boat on the little water course they had set up and it floated!

I don’t think I’ve ever built a boat before, maybe when I was younger in school or something, but not like that. It was a new thing for me, but we did pretty good. It was nice to see all the kids smiling so much and laughing. It felt good. Thanks Arlo!

That’s all I wanted to talk about today, thank you for reading. And thank you for the questions, I’ll answer as many as I can in my last blog Thursday.


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