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Offside with Ryan Kesler

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks
There's enough talk about the tight Northwest division and power-plays so we decided to take the players away from the rink to find out a little more beyond the game. Go .

How big is your family?

I have just a brother and a sister.

What would your mom say is your most redeeming quality?

I have no idea, you're probably going to have to ask her. But I think she might say that I'm selfless... is that a good one?

Who would play you in a movie?

Brad Pitt. We look the same, can't you tell? (laughs)

What was your first job?

I worked at my dad's hockey school for a little bit. I just taught kids to play hockey and helped out around there.

Who on the team would you choose to be your partner on the Amazing Race?

Probably my roommate Burrows because he's a good guy, works hard, and... he's French. He's not so good with directions so we'll probably lose but it'll be fun.

What is your oldest piece of equipment?

That's a good question because everything I have right now is pretty new. My oldest piece of equipment right now would probably be my skates. They're a couple months old.

What is one thing everyone should try at least once?

The zip cord in Whistler, that was pretty fun. Do it once but don't do go twice. It just gets boring if you go more than once but everyone should definitely try it.

What have your parents done to embarrass you?

Probably made a scene after one of my games and cheered for me. At Detroit they embarrassed me pretty bad. They were just yelling my name and stuff after the game as I was walking down from the locker-room - it's pretty embarrassing.

If you had a racehorse what would you call it?

Bull because it's my nickname so I'd name it after me.

What is the worst locker-room smell?

All of the hockey equipment, especially the shoulder pads or the gloves, they're the worst.
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