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Offside with Rick Rypien

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks
There's enough talk about the tight Northwest division and power-plays so we decided to take the players away from the rink to find out a little more beyond the game. Go .

What is the best thing to happen to you on skates?

I'd say the best that's happened to me on skates is probably my first NHL game, that was very memorable. I got a goal on top of that so that's something pretty special and hard to forget. It was last year on December 21st when Edmonton was here. I scored in my first NHL game in my second shift.

What is your signature meal to cook?

BBQ steak, rice and asparagus. My secret is making the steak really spicy by drenching it in Franks Red Hot and lots of seasonings as well.

What would your autobiography be called?

The Way Ripper Sees It

What question do you always get asked?

Are you related to Mark Rypien (the football player)?

Bugs me when...

People think they know more than they do about a situation. About anything in general, I think that until they've been through it themselves, they actually have no idea what's going on.

What was the first concert you've ever been to?

Garth Brooks in Calgary. I think I was 10 years old maybe.

What is a song you could never get sick of?

Probably Riot by Three Days Grace.

What was your worst job you've had?

Working on the maintenance crew on a golf course in my hometown in Crowsnest Pass. I think one of the worst things was when I first started we had to go through all of the pop and beer cans. We had to sort them out into recycling. Some of them sat there for months and it was a pretty nasty job. We had to do it at the start but after you've been there for a while you didn't have to do it.

What is your Starbucks drink?

I don't drink coffee at all, I've just never been a coffee drinker. I just stick to my Gatorade and water, simple things.

What breakfast cereal do you eat?

Probably Raisin Bran if I had it but I'm more of a bacon and eggs, hashbrowns, toast kind of guy. I like my eggs sunny side up.

What food would you never try?

I probably wouldn't try sushi. A lot of guys eat it but I still haven't taken that step to try it.
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