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Offside with Alex Burrows

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks
His story's been told many times before: working his way up from the ECHL to the NHL but Alex Burrows' story is really only just beginning.

He's worked his way up to the top line, most recently skating with Henrik and Daniel Sedin and contributing three points in his last two games.

He's three points shy of the career high he set last year and already surpassed his career best 12 goals from last year. He's clearly on the hockey path to success.

Off the ice, he's well-liked around the dressing room for his friendly personality and outgoing nature.

Here are a few things you not know about the feisty forward from Pointe-Claire, Quebec. Go offside with Alex Burrows.

If the team participated on Survivor, who would win?

I think Willie Mitchell would be up there because he grew up fishing a lot and in the woods. Maybe Mason Raymond would be good too because he grew up on a farm. He’s been a hunter a little bit and has some experience with a bow and arrow. I think those two would be pretty good.

How would you fair on the show?

I’m a city boy mostly so I don’t think I would do that great but I would like the experience. But I’d rather rent a hotel room than camp. I’ve camp maybe once every other summer but no more than one or two nights – I need my shower, my computer and my HDTV so it’ll be tough for me.

What song would you sing to try out for American Idol?

Simply the Best by Tina Turner. I always hear it on the radio and it’s a good song – but I’d have to learn the dance moves to go with it.

Bugs me when my parents...

Tell me I had a good game when I know it was terrible.

They’re always positive and think I had a good game. The next day when I talk to them, they’ll tell me nice things to make sure that my emotions are good and make sure I’m happy but I would rather have them tell me the truth than tell me I was really good.

What question do you always get asked?

How was it playing in the ECHL?

How was it playing in the ECHL?

For me it was a lot of fun. I always say that I liked it at that time and it was an experience for me but I didn’t want to stay down there for a long time. I played there longer than I wanted to and now I’m just happy to be in the NHL.

If you could bring back any former player, who would you bring back?

I’d bring back Pavel Bure on our team because he can probably score some big goals for us or bring back the ’94 Trevor Linden beause he would be clutch for us in the playoffs.

Who on the team is most in need of a makeover?

Definitely Rob Davison. I think he could probably lose a couple pounds and get leaner. He’s very hairy so he could probably use a shave and it could be a lot better.

If you were NHL commissioner for a day, what is the first thing you would do?

Probably bring all the referees in one room and tell them that they’re not there to steal the show and that they’re there to be part of the show. Their actions and their calls are influencing the game in a big way.

If not hockey, then...

When I was growing up, I thought I could be a media guy around sports but I realized you guys work really hard so maybe a gym teacher. But I could also see myself as some kind of marketing rep or something in business.

If you could play a game in any city outside of North America, which city would you want to play in?

Prague because I hear it’s a lot of fun there and the weather’s good and the people are nice. I’ve been there once on my way to Switzerland so we stayed there for a night. I was really young so I don’t really remember much and I was really tired so we just stayed in and didn’t do much. I would love to go there and see the city.

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