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Nothing More Than Speculation?

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

By: Chelsey Perrella


Sometimes speculation can end up coming true while other times it doesn't, but one thing that can certainly be said is that trade talk is often more hype than anything.

Brendan Morrison whose name has been mentioned in trade rumors for the last week comments that "it's like somebody's waiting for something to happen, but who knows, something might not happen [at all]."

However, with the Canucks losing Dan Cloutier earlier this season and playing without their top three blue liners, it comes as no surprise how much talk has been swirling around the team over the last week.

Markus Naslund predicts that "there is going to be a lot less movement" considering the salary cap this year and the fact that many teams are still involved in the playoff race.

Despite the trade chatter, the Canucks appear to be maintaining at even keel through this difficult waiting period.

Morrison admits that if it did happen to him he'd be devastated, which comes as no surprise since Morrison is from Pitt Meadows and has been a mainstay in the city for the last six years.

Morrison has been through a trade before when he left the Devils to come to Vancouver in 99/00, and realizes that it's all part of the job. "If you start thinking about it too much, you're just going to beat yourself's really out of your control." Morrison told the media.

Defensemen, Nolan Baumgartner agrees that it wouldn't hurt having a few extra "D" men on the team. "If you look at Calgary they have something like nine defensemen there. [Defense] is something that every team can use especially going down the stretch into playoffs."

Although Alex Auld has watched his NHL game total skyrocket - starting a total of 50 games this season - the Canucks are also in the market for a second goaltender. Auld was questioned about how such a move may stir up a starting goalie controversy, but he welcomes such pressure. "There's nothing wrong with healthy competition ....what ever happens, happens, and either way I have to continue earning my starts whether they bring in someone or not."

Naslund trusts that management will make the right decisions by the time Thursday rolls around.

"If there's something that makes sense and is not going to hurt us in the long run... I think they will do something. I don't think they're going to go out there and do it for the sake of doing it."

With just 19 games now left in the regular season, Head Coach, Marc Crawford is encouraging the team to stay centered on the hunt for post-season play. "Our energy has to be focused on making improvements to our team right now. It's a challenging job at the best of times and right now obviously with heavy practices and16 bodies, it becomes more of a challenge".

Morrison agrees that the team can't rely on acquisitions to solve their injury dilemma. "We can't expect that someone is going to come in a save the day, because a lot of times that's not the case, we have to move forward and do the best with what we've got."

However, despite losing some key players to injury, the Canucks have proven they have talented guys who are able to step up and help this team win games. Morrison agrees. "We all believe in the guys in this room, we do have a couple of injuries, but guys have come in here and done a phenomenal job. If this is the group we have moving forward we still believe we can win. If we were to get another injury, we just have to deal with it, I mean; we're not the first team in the league that has had to deal with injuries."

Trades or no trades, the Canucks appear as though they are confident with the players they have and will give it their best down the stretch. That's something we know isn't merely just speculation....

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