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No More Speculation

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks
Call off the investigations and put away your detective hats.  After almost four months of questions and predictions, Trevor Linden re-signs and will return in a Canucks uniform for the 2007-08 season.

Linden's excited to re-join his team of 15 years (going into his 16th) and is positive about the changes made over the summer.

Like all of the fans, he's hoping for more in the coming season and is confident of the team that will enter GM Place in October.

How does it feel to get the deal done and be back in Vancouver for another year?

It feels great.  Obviously, this is the place I want to be and the thought of playing elsewhere didn’t feel right so it’s great to be back.

I like our team and we’ve made some great changes in the last couple of years.  I look forward to another really good season.

Is this the best you feel going into a season about your chances of getting a Cup?

I definitely think we’ve put some building blocks in place for the future, no doubt.

I think we went through a pretty good change last summer, kind of re-organized, re-shuffled and we’ve done some real positive things and it’s up to us to keep building off that. 

It’s a long season and you go through many different phases and ups and downs.  You need things to go right but there’s definitely a foundation there.

Why did you wait so long before you decided to sign?

I think that the pieces have to fit together properly.  I think that my base concern was that I wanted to be a welcome addition.  I didn’t want anyone to feel that it was not something they were completely comfortable with.  I just wanted to make sure everyone understood where they stood and how this was going to work. 

There’s no real push or pressure.  We had some dialogue throughout the summer and I was away for most of July and we were just trying to put the schedules together.

What role do you see yourself in going into the season?

I look forward to contributing in a lot of different ways.  I think through the course of a season and a team takes different contributions from different people at different times and it’s a long season. 

I’ve always felt that I contribute in many different areas and I look forward to doing that.  For me personally I don’t want to limit myself to any one thing.  I’ve always thought of myself as a good all-around player and I want to contribute in all areas.

The sports talk shows have been inundated this summer with calls from fans wanting you resigned for the upcoming season. Did you pick up on this groundswell?

Yeah I picked up on it. When you live here all summer, wherever you go you get asked all the time about what’s going on and when you’re going to sign. So, that got a little tiring.

All the people were very supportive, but it’s hard to answer questions when you don’t have any answers.

But it’s one of those things; I think that’s the joy of playing in Canada and living in Vancouver year round. I’ve always enjoyed that and when things are going good it’s great but there are some difficult questions sometimes.

What was the most memorable thing you did this summer?

No doubt about it, I did a mountain bike race this year over in Europe called the TransAlp. It was definitely a highlight and quite the adventure.  

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