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Mike Gillis Twitter Q&A

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

I’ll be answering your questions over the next 15 minutes. Send them to me here.

Question: @radiomusic15 @GMMikeGillis what's your favorite part about living in Vancouver?
@radiomusic15 Lots to do in Vancouver. Proximity to ocean, restaurants, cycling.

Question: @Yotesgurl @GMMikeGillis What teams in the West and East has surprised you this season so far?
@Yotesgurl Surprising team in the West: Columbus.

Question: @tsnbobmckenzie @GMMikeGillis First question, how we do know this isn't really just TC Carling? Signed, Bob from Whitby. First time caller.
@tsnbobmckenzie Because I know about the Whitby Hall of Fame.

Question: @mzpiggy91 @GMMikeGillis What is the best part of being a GM?
@mzpiggy91 Best part of being a GM: having a specific goal and knowing it is achieveable if you put the time and effort in.

Question: @megsabelle @GMMikeGillis Are you going to be heading out to Abbotsford to see the prospects firsthand this weekend?
@megsabelle Yes I will be there

Question: @evanseguin @GMMikeGillis Who's play has surprised or impressed you the most so far this season?
@evanseguin Cory Schneider has impressed. Alberts as well.

Question: @jjacobr @GMMikeGillis whats the hardest part of being a GM?
@jjacobr Hardest decision: having to let senior players go in my first year.

Question: @beauynhl @gmmikegillis what's your favorite memory from playing in the NHL?
@beauynhl Favourite NHL memory as a player: playing on a good team in Boston.

Question: @timsevenhuysen @GMMikeGillis If you could add one retired former Canuck to your current team, who would it be?
@timsevenhuysen I would add Bure to my team.

Question: @GMMikeGillis How are you handleling the pressure of being an expected Cup contender ?
@habsgirl4life From the outset our plan was to make the playoffs then compete round by round with the objective of playing for the Cup.

Question: @robertaluongo @GMMikeGillis - Outside of cycling, what other hobbies do you have? Fantasy football? Chess? Climb mountains?
@robertaluongo Snowboarding, golf, fishing, hunting.

Question: @legiff @GMMikeGillis Mr. Gillis, do you feel restrictions must be put on players in the social networking age?
@lyteforce @GMMikeGillis Alos, is there a need for the team to have policy, or guidelines, to tell players what they can & can't say on social media.
@legiff @lyteforce We expect responsible behaviour from everyone in this organization. Social media is no exception.

Question: @juicyjuicebob @GMMikeGillis What motivates you? Are you self-motivated or are you motivated by your surroundings?
@juicyjuicebob Winning motivates me.

Thanks for all the questions. This is a really good start and I look forward to the next time.

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