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Mike Brown's Media Blitz

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

Hailing from Northbrook, Illinois, Mike Brown is true to the stars and stripes.  Even though he’s been in Canada for the past three years now, he still makes it a point to keep up with what’s going on at home.

“I read a lot of newspapers, I [like to] read the USA Today and read up on all of the American stuff going on.”

What’s making headlines across the border right now? Well, with all the coverage of the 2008 election campaigns, even if you’re not into American politics, there’s got to be a tidbit of information that will slip through to your knowledge bank.

“I don’t really follow the political stuff too much but I know that Oprah’s helping out [Barack] Obama but I don’t really follow it that much.”

And of course…

“I like the puzzles and the crosswords in there too.”
The life of a professional hockey players means a busy schedule of traveling, working, and not much free time. For Brown, it couldn’t be more true. The last movie he saw was “300”, which was released in March 2007.

Out of character for the feisty right winger, the buzz around the movie drew him in and got him into a seat in front of the big screen.

“I don’t normally like the historical type movies but I like good fighting, action movies. It had a quite a bit of blood in it but I kind of like those kind of movies.”

But keeping with both his movie preferences and his style of hockey on the ice, the movie had exactly what he constitutes a good flick.

“It was a great movie with great action. I like the action movies, especially when you see it in the movie theatres with the surround sound and everything.”
If you know anything about Brown, you know he’s a hard hitting, hard working player on the ice and when it comes to his music, it’s no different.

“I like heavy stuff like Metallica. Anything by Metallica is my favourite, maybe 3 Days Grace, anywhere along those lines.”

Although the band formed before Brown was born, his favourite Metallica song entered the charts when he was just three years old. The song “One” reached number 15 in the U.S. that year and was the only song released by the band in 1989.

“It’s not too hard, I’ve heard it forever but it’s not actually one of their heaviest songs but it’s one of my favourites.”

There’s one thing Brown has yet to do in his 22 years of growing up listening to the metal favourite.

“I haven’t actually seen them live but I really want to go out to one of their shows because I heard they were really good.”

Metallica is touring in May but unfortunately no North American tour dates have been announced yet, so he’ll have to wait just a little longer.
Brown’s having trouble surfing the web these days with a brand new Mac Book that’s giving him troubles.

“I’ve had it less than a week maybe. When I registered my computer, I don’t remember my password so I can’t get into my stuff right now. I tried to call Apple and I was on hold for about an hour the other day but I still have to call back and try to get this thing solved.”

He’s made the switch with much thanks to Mike Weaver, who may be pursuing another job on the side or alongside his professional hockey gig.

“We’ve got Weaver on the team, who should be a Mac rep because he’s bragging about Macs all the time.”

Prior to the battles he’s currently facing with technology, he was trying to keep his mind busy with something less taxing than playing hockey.

“[The last website was] probably a movie website trying to download TV shows. I couldn’t find anything to download because my computer wouldn’t let me.”

Hopefully he’ll that figured out soon.
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