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Luc Bourdon's Media Blitz

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

While hockey keeps him busy for a good part of the year, Luc Bourdon tries to stay on top of his hobby outside of the sport.

“I read a lot of Guitar World. It’s about music, mostly about guitars, it shows you how to play songs and stuff.”

He credits his start in music to someone in his family, who showed him the ropes out of the starting gates.

“My uncle was a guitar player, I took some lessons with him for about two years and on my own and have been playing for about 10 years.”

He’s come a long way since he was 10 years old and two years ago, he bought a Gibson SG electric guitar – the same model seen used by Elliot Easton from The Cars and Dave Grohl from Nirvana and Foo Fighters.

For his next guitar, he plans to venture into the 12-string, double-neck guitar in the near future.

Standing at 6’3” and 211 pounds, it’s easy to forget that Bourdon is just 21 years old and he only finished up his education a couple years ago. Between hockey and his rock star hobby, we can forgive him for not having the time to pick up a book since his school days.

“Honestly the last time I read a book was in seventh grade. It was Harry Potter – the fourth one.”

“It was pretty good but I didn’t read the first second or third so I didn’t really understand. I’m not a big reader.”

The Goblet of Fire (the fourth edition of JK Rowling’s Potter series), was published in 2000, followed by the movie in 2005. Bourdon made the effort to watch the movie but having started on the fourth, there’s still some catching up to do.

“I should start with the first and go through all of them.”
Cell phones are becoming ubiquitous and more often than not, people are surprised if you don’t have one. As a result, mobile downloads are growing in popularity too.

Raise your hand if you've tried to get a wallpaper download? Or if you’ve tried or have downloaded a ringtone? It comes as no surprise that Bourdon’s been there and done that.

“I tried to get a few songs off the internet but [I have a] Palm Treo so I can’t put random songs on it, you have to just choose the ringtone that’s on it. I was looking for Apologize from One Republic and Timbaland but it didn’t work.”

As a first round pick and an upcoming star on the Vancouver Canucks, Boudon’s a pretty big deal around here so he must know a few VIPs. Luckily for us, he revealed the most famous people in his contact list.

“Probably Alex Burrows or Kevin Bieksa – I think those are the two guys that are the most famous [in my phone].”
With all the time they spend on the road, a popular past time of many hockey players is watching movies. Bourdon really had to think hard to narrow down a favourite.

“I have a bunch of favourite movies, I love movies… I’m going to go with a classic and say ‘Happy Gilmore’. I never get tired of watching it.”

You’ll be hard pressed to find a sports fan that hasn’t seen the movie featuring Bob Barker and “Shooter McGavin”, and besides, you just can’t go wrong with Adam Sandler.

“The whole movie’s good, I like the way [Sandler’s] just crazy about everything.”

Sandler portrays a hockey player turned pro golfer and Bourdon’s already showed his skills on the golf course aren’t too bad. He won the Jake Milford Golf tournament held earlier in the year. A little more practice and maybe a second career in the works?

“I didn’t play much in the last few years but I’m going to try to get out this summer. No, [I wouldn’t want to become a pro golfer] I’m a better hockey player than [Happy] was.”
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