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Live to Give - Reifel Bird Sanctuary

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

The British Columbia Waterfowl Society is a private non-profit conservation organization that was formed in 1961 to conserve and promote waterfowl and wetlands in British Columbia. For the past 40 years, the Society's focus has been the stewardship of the George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary.

What do they do?

They provide 400 acres of protected wetland for bird watching.

What made you select them?

They have a beautiful environment and they need the work that I can provide.

What was the best part – the highlight of your day?

In the calm of a bright crisp morning I look up to see I’m being watched by a Snowy Owl.

What did you learn today about giving back?

I am always thankful that I have all my facilities, never take it for granted.

Why is it important for you to give back personally and as an employee of Canucks Sports & Entertainment?

In this specific environment nature can overtake a path, a meadow, a tree. Grooming & landscaping is essential for the development of indigenous plants & trees, meadows & grasslands kept clear to allow people of all size, capacities and ages to appreciate some time with nature or the opportunity to see something for the first or last time.  CS&E has been gracious enough to afford me the time to give back to a cause that I believe in.

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