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Letters to Trevor

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks
Trevor Linden has always been perfect ambassador for the Canucks both on and off the ice. His contributions in the community are unmatched and his kind heart has touched so many around him. Here are a few words written to Trevor from some of those who he has touched with even just the smallest gesture.
Dear Trevor,

I don’t know if you will remember, but last January I wrote you a letter telling you the story of our daughter Lori, a spunky young hockey player whose life was sadly cut short 12 years ago by a brain aneurysm, when she was only seven. I enclosed a small donation to your new Foundation in her memory.

Then last June, once your difficult and eventful hockey season had ended and your life had time to settle down a bit, you very kindly sent me an autographed photo of yourself as Captain of the Canucks, inscribed, “In memory of Lori…”. It immediately became one of my most treasured possessions…it is framed and hanging on our family-room wall right below the picture of Lori in her hockey gear that I had sent to you. It warms my heart every time I look at them together!

So much has happened in your hockey life in the year since I sent that first letter—your knee injury, the heart-breaking trade to the Islanders, the Olympic Games, your being named Captain of the Islanders, your election as president of the NHLPA, two more changes of coaches—it must have been a very stressful year for you. You should know, however, that your legion of fans in Vancouver (and elsewhere) remain your loyal fans now that you wear an Islanders jersey. Your work ethic, leadership by example, unselfishness in putting the team first, and gentlemanly play have no doubt earned you a whole new following of fans on the east coast as well. So many Canuck fans I know are still bemoaning the fact that you are no longer here to provide some much-needed inspiration to our team…

...At any rate, Trevor, thank you for taking the time to read this, and please once again accept my deep appreciation for sending your autographed picture and hockey cards last summer. You are a true gentleman!

Your faithful fan and friend,

Dear Trevor,

My nephew, Johnnie from Williams Lake, B.C., is currently undergoing treatment for cancer at B.C. Children’s Hospital. His time now is spent between the hospital and Ronald McDonald House. He was diagnosed with cancer in July 1997.

On January 5, 1998, my sister had the unpleasant task of advising our family that the chemotherapy treatment administered to Johnnie so far has been unsuccessful and his cancer has spread.

On a brighter note, after receiving this news she advised us that Johnnie had just been picked up along with other children at Ronald McDonald House and taken in a limousine to the Canucks/L.A. hockey game. This was all compliments of yourself.

I can’t tell you how much this touched my heart as well as my wife’s. Your charitable work and care and love that you show these sick children, is deserving of a medal.

I am particularly proud that you are a member of our community and I sincerely hope that you remain here for a long time.

Take a bow Trevor, you certainly deserve it!!

Yours truly,

P.S. The best of luck to you in your career. I hope any trades in the future will be ones that make you happy.
Dear Trevor Linden,

My son, Johnny (14 yrs), was one of the very fortunate children who attended the Canucks game on Monday. Courtesy of you, he thoroughly enjoyed the limousine ride and watching the game from your box. The highlight of the evening was meeting you and winning the draw for your hockey stick!
I hope you know how much joy your kindness brings to all of the children’s lives you touch. When our son was told on Monday at 6:00 p.m. that his cancer had relapsed and he would need a bone marrow transplant, his first concern was “Can I still go to the hockey game” (to meet you!).

Thank you, Trevor, for your generosity, kindness, the T-shirts, the autographs, the limo, and mostly for being such a genuinely wonderful person!

Jeannie @ Ronald McDonald House

Dear Trevor:

I am writing to tell you a story about my sister, Wendi, who was a devoted fan of yours. She followed your career as a Canuck right from the start. She watched most of the Canucks games, as well as being fortunate enough to see a few live! Needless to say she has collected a lot of Trevor Linden memorabilia. Not only was she impressed with your finesse on the ice, she was more importantly impressed by your involvement with the community. She often referred to you as one “class act”!

The reason I’m sharing my story is that my dear sister became sick in January. It was such a scare for her that she had completely changed her lifestyle and over the past two months was doing extremely well and feeling great.

Wendi lives in Langley and I live in Prince George. After watching you score the winning goal in game four against Dallas, I had to phone Wendi to celebrate that her number one player had done it for the Canucks and their fans. We had a wonderful conversation but I was unaware that it was to be my last!!

I received word that she had been admitted to hospital on Saturday the 21st in Langley. It wasn’t good news as she was put on life support. Even my mother told her that her Canucks needed her help after losing game five. I received word Sunday morning that she had passed away so I was off to be with my family.

Yesterday was spent making arrangements for her memorial. Throughout the day I would say that the Canucks were going to win game seven and that “Trevor” was going to score!! After a long day, and finally getting some grub, here is my sister, mother and I waiting in a McDonald’s drive thru when—guess who scores to let the Canucks go ahead 2-1!! Well here are three ladies screaming with excitement and then crying because “Wendi’s Trevor Linden had done it again!!” I’m not a religious person but I feel in my heart that Wendi was with you last night cheering you on.

So I guess I’m trying to thank you for being such an inspiration to her. I truly feel that because of your winning goal in game four, I may not have talked with her before she left her family.

Thank you for listening,
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