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Letters to the editor - Nov.27.08

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

The No-Fanzone

I see all these ads on the buses promoting this Fanzone thing on, but it's crap. It's just the same old garbage day after day.

Why promote something if you're not going to update it with something fans will be interested in?

-Donnie, a transit rider with good eyes.

ed: There were some early bumps in the road with the Fanzone, but we've recently re-launched the site and think you'll find the new design and new content very appealing. Thanks for sticking with us.

Mobile got stuck?

Just a quick question regarding the wap canucks website for mobile devices. Is it up and running, or am I just having issues with my device?

I always receive a "page not found" error message. I have also tried to have the link txt'd to my mobile device (thinking maybe I'm typing the address incorrectly.) However, I have never received the link either. And I KNOW that I entered my phone number correctly.

-Trevor, who probably has a really good phone plan.

ed: Good catch Trev. We have recently had some issues with the WAP site, but this issue has been resolved. You should have no problem accessing it now.

If you're still getting a DNS error, try resetting the browser on your mobile device. And keep your eyes peeling for some cool new smart phone programs on

I heart Johnny

Just watched highlights from teh Canucks vs. teh Leafs game... The new third jersey IS THE ONE. The stripes finally look right.

I hope the plan is to migrate full-time to the new third and create a corresponding white version (ditch the current "designed by committee" kludged version). I'd love to see a solid updated Johnny Canuck as the primary logo.

-Willie K, with an eye for fashion.

Text heavy

I have tried to cancel my text alert subscription many times and it will not stop. Can you please look in to this? Thank you for your time.

-Craig K, a loyal Canuck fan stranded in Edmonton.

ed: If you followed the instructions listed on the Canucks Mobile page, and the text alerts haven't stopped, you are likley subscribed to a Sportsnet, or TSN, or NHL service. Is it possible you signed up with them?

7 game road trip?!?! Hmmm...

Just noticed that the Nucks are on a 7 gamer after tonight... I didn't think that was possible except in cases where a new arena is under construction. And didn't they just do a 6-gamer and 4-gamer road trip? Frickin brutal! Whoever schedules these things should stop... seriously.


Missing Mickey?

What kind of Mickey Mouse website are you guys running! The most important player in Canuck history gets injured and you don't even have the replay of the injury on the site, even though there is a highlight film?

I bet you can go on Youtube, Tsn, Espn or anywhere else and find it. Totally, totally bush league!!! I won't be going to this site for my team information anymore.

-A very angry and confused Joel.

ed: This is troubling for many reason, not the least of which is how you missed the content we posted Saturday afternoon, only an hour after the injury happened. Are we not making the content obvious enough? Are visitors to having caching issues? Regardless, here's SOME of the content we've posted surrounding the Luongo injury:

Luongo's post-game comments from the hallway in Mellon arena, posted almost immediately and Kristin Reid's post-game report posted that same afternoon.

Since Saturday we also conducted a live stream of Luongo's Press Conference prior to the Red Wings game and added it to our Canucks TV archive

We've also posted the following four stories since the injury, as well as daily updates on our Canucks Report page:

Luongo week-to-week
Luongo to undedrgo MRI
Canucks beat Pens, lose Luongo
Canucks ready for injury report

I'm not an expert on TSN or ESPN, but I don't think either website had as much information, the depth of information, or information posted as quickly as

Why are we booing Bertuzzi?

So maybe I missed some gossip in the past, but did Bert say something bad or do something wrong to us? Is that why we're disliking him, or are we simply just booing almost every ex-canuck?


Small problems

I don't like the new-look video player. I can't make it go full screen like the old one. Who wants to watch highlights on a 3 inch by 3 inch screen?

-Squinty Sam T

ed: Assuming that you have seen the "full" screen link that sits in the bottom-right corner of the video view window, your issue must lie with your system. Ensure that you have the latest version of Flash installed, and if you're using a Mac, Flip4Mac is a must. If you're still having issues, contact the NHL support team. They'll be able to troubleshoot any issues regarding the Neulion player.

Just checking

Is it OK to embed Canucks TV clips in blog posts?

- Andrew, the scout.

ed: Okay?!? Heck, we encourage it. In fact, we've included a "share" button on the video player window that creates the embed code for you. We've also built a host of widgets that allow you to grab all the feeds for use on your blog or website.

Stuck on you

I have noticed that the past couple weeks the website hasn't been updated on the homepage. It is stuck on the first week of October for some reason. I have tried using other computers but still its the same result.

-Danielle, who's stuck on CDC.

ed: To be honest, we don't have an answer for that. We would normally suggest that you clear your browser's cache, but that wouldn't explain why it's stuck on multiple machines.

We can assure that everything is working properly, though that's of little comfort to you. Have you contacted your Internet Service Provider.

A picture

Linden's jersey $120.00. Isabel's Jersey $50.00. Kevin and Sarah Jersey $300.00. Knowing your family is all Canucks Fans PRICELESS!!!!

-Kevin R.

High Def Jacked

Canucks games are not on Sportsnet Pacific (HD) as advertised. Please stop teasing us.

-Jak with a good TV.

ed: Shaw has the games allocated to a temporary channel - Channel 312 (it sometimes moves but can be found in the 300-315 range).


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