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Letters - Jan.29.2009

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks


I like the video player, but I hate having to launch it just to see what's new. Why can't you post the new videos on the homepage?

-Deborah Woods from Toronto

ed: We've just created a new video feed for the homepage for exactly this reason. Have a look here. Click on the "Featured Video" tab in the Canucks TV module for the most recent additions.

Cliff notes

Since the website moved to I have lost the ability to get a clear and consice page that contains the 2 team rosters for a given game. Is there any chance that the current graphically pretty version will be replaced with a more useful one-sheet version that contains both teams? One member of our games watching group would really appreciate this printable list.

-Cliff, with ink to burn

ed: Rather than post the entire game notes package, we decided to aggregate all the info into one easy read page and post it in the next game/last game module. It's updated 24 hours prior to the game start time. It's called Tale of the Tape.

For pure line-up info, your best option is to print the game sheet, which is also posted in the next game/last game module as soon as the line-up is made official. Here's an example.

Million dollar babies

It is half way through the Nashville game and I have shut the TV off! There is something fundamentally wrong with this team. It starts with the coach, and Biestra once again is stinking the rink out. What is the GM waiting for?

I feel so sorry for the fans who have to watch this sloppy, slap stick type of hockey, where it seems we have forgotten all about the art of taking the body. The more you pay for something in this league, the less you get.

I'm getting tired of watching rich people under perform. They are just like some of the CEO’s running big companies these days.

-Bob, bored in Nanaimo

ed: It's Kevin BIEKSA. Poor guy can't even get respect in print.

Shanahan better than Sundin?

Wow, Shanahan is healthy or what? 2 goals in 3 games off the market and look at Sundin: 2 goals 1 assist in 8 games.

I think we should've got Shanny rather than Sundin.

Agree or disagree?

Pavol D38

Mixed signals

Can you tell me why several games are on delayed online broadcast? Team 1040 has it live via radio, but not online.

I heard it somewhere that 'all' games are live online. Bull.

And what is the point of listening to a delayed broadcast when you access the delayed broadcast from a webpage that tells you the final score and info?

Frustrated Fan, and right now you need every one you can get...

-Doug, who doesn't have cable.

ed: We're a bit confused. Are you talking about video? does not stream live games online. We have run a few tests, but we're simply rebroadcasting the Sportsnet feed.

We're not sure where you heard that all game are live online as we've never promoted that (though it is something we're looking at). Currently You can sign up for the NHL's Center Ice package, but that's a PPV service.

Who should be called up?

The canucks are struggling hard. They're on a 7 game losing streak. Maybe we'll get some new faces in the lineup and send all the guys that aren't producing down.

My question is: Is this a good idea? And who should be sent down/called up?

luongo wat

East is east

Why does your streaming audio feed show an eastern start time without stating what time zone it actually is? Is it programmed out east?

-Matt, with a fine toothcomb

ed: That's a raw-nerve issue around here. The answer is yes, the NHL programs that stuff back east, and to avoid confusion, use only EST. Very frustrating for all the western clubs. Trust that this issue has been raised with them.

Best at the worst

Without a doubt, this is the worst team in the History of the NHL. You got rooked into paying Mats the Fats, nearly 5 million bucks to gasp up and down the rink.

Like a lot of suckers, I have watched this team for many years, and shelled out major bucks to see this band of fatheads. I can assure you I will never buy another ticket to see these rinky dinks and never watch another two hours of lazy, overpaid yokels, pretend to compete.

Like I said - the WORST TEAM IN THE HISTORY OF THE NHL. If this group of sad sacks were an ill animal - it would be euthanized.

Goodbye and please go away.

-Tom, the Crone

ed: Go ahead Tom, get it all out.

Gamblin M'am

I have run into an issue a few times now with the "Roster" information on the web site being inaccurate even very shortly (less than an hour) before game time. This makes player selection in the Fantasy Hockey pool difficult. Is this being addressed or is there a way to get proper roster data in advance of game time.

-Leigh, who likes certainty

ed: When you say "Roster information" are you talking about who is going to dress? If so, that decision isn't usually made until after the warm-up. It's impossible to know for certain, but your best bet is to read up on the Canucks Report - it's usually fairly accurate.

Regardless, we like to think that making shrewd roster decisions is all part of the playing Fantasy Hockey.

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