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Letters - Dec.29.2008

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

Canucks Pride

I just got back from Afghanistan this fall. I took my Bieksa jersey overseas to bring some west-coast pride and show those Maple Leaf fans what a real hockey team looks like, and they thought I should get a few pics with my jersey...which turned out to be a great idea.

I'd be honoured to have this picture posted on! Thanks a lot and keep up the killer effort this year boys!

-Chris Conway, 5th (BC) Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery

One more for you

Re: Hello, Hollywood

I read Rintoul's last article and wanted to add one more to the mix. You should add Benjamin MacKenzie as Mattias Ohlund.

-Emma Sawchuk, an OC fan

ed: Hmmm... not sure we agree, but we appreciate your mail all the same.

King Trevor

Ok this is not a question or anything of the sort, but I did want to say something as I watch the pre-game Linden tribute: Trevor Linden is hockey’s most influential player to date.

His off ice involvement with the walk-out and his involvement locally with children is just astounding!

Not only was he a force off the ice, but on the ice he was superb as well. I am not one to go out of my way to make a statement about a person, and certainly not a celebrity, but Trevor linden is a true local hero, and a class act.

-Jeff Cripwell, a dedicated Linden fan.

Coming up Shorty?

I was just wondering what happened to John Shorthouse. I used to enjoy the broadcasts online.

-Ken from Cedar Grove, NJ.

ed: Well Ken, in addition to signing on with Budget Brake & Muffler this summer, John Shorthouse also signed a deal with Sportsnet. He does play-by-play for all of RSN's televised games, but still does the Team 1040 radio broadcast when the TSN or CBC are broadcasting.

On nights when Shorty isn't available, Joey Kenward or Rick Ball fill in, depending on whether the game is at home or on the road.

Top 10 stories from

Does anyone here believe that the order of these moments/events/stories are in the wrong order of importance?

10. Hiring of Mike Gillis
9. Evolution of the Moose
8. The Constant Producers
7. In with the new
6. Hodgson
5. Lui's streak(s)
4. A Salute to #16
3. Honouring Luc
2. Louie named Captain
1. Mats Sundin signing

I really think these events are out of order when one thinks about the importance of each event.


Sundin hiding

I am sending you a quick note on some bad links etc... NOT a criticism, just a heads up on a few things.

Your Sundin story on the homepage (Monday, Dec. 29th) links to Plays of the Week and both your 'Features archive' and 'Press Release' drop down menus under the NEWS tab take you to the same place.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

-a very polite and considerate Neil.

ed: We did catch that Sundin error and have since corrected it. Sorry Neil. The link should have taken you to the Canucks TV player.

A few other good places to find our content are on the This Week on page, or on our Canucks Report page, or simply by subscribing to our RSS feeds.


Canucks' best fighter of 2008

Who has been our best fighter of this year? (and I mean of this season).

Brown has had many fights...but his fights haven't been that exciting.

Bieksa has had a couple wins but has not fought as much.

Hordichuk had a slow start but picked it up, dominating some fights.

But I would give the vote for O'Brien...I don't think he has lost a fight, which were all very exciting.

CrAzY CaNuCk FaN

Milk for strong bones

In light of the number of fractures the team has been experiencing - unless you have already checked this - I suggest that you check the blood level of the Vitamin D of each the players.

We have been shocked that the blood levels of Vitamin D of the majority of our patients have been low and some very low - even in the summer. Normal ranges should be between 75 and 250, yet many who have been drinking milk & taking a supplement are still too low.

-Magaret from the lab

ed: That's very interesting. As a general rule we don't pass this stuff along to the hockey department but we did make an exception for this one.

Short changed

Re: Retirement Ceremony

There is video clip on your multimedia page that is titled Linden Retirement Ceremony (archive) however the clip is not complete. It ends part way through Trevor Linden's speech.

It says is it 47:14 in length, which is correct however there should be more to the clip.

-Donnie with the good computer.

ed: This is true. There was an issue with encoding the video to Flash. We've re-encoded an edited version here. Sorry about that.


Bettin' Man

Re: Bettman Interview

I bet you had to clear all your questions through one of Gary Bettman's henchmen before you did that interview. Where are all the answers we really wanted!

If you're going to do an interview with the head of the NHL, at least have the guts to ask him a tough question.

ed: They could be in part two which we'll post for you this week. Keep an eye out.

DVD for dollars

How about producing a DVD of the Trevor Linden retirement ceremony? The funds could go towards supporting the Canuck Place Children's Hospice.

 I know I would love to buy one.

-Wanda with a heart.

ed: That's a good idea Wanda. We'll pass the suggestion on to the people who could make this happen.

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