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Lack blog: Teddy Slack's Sunday Funday

by Eddie Lack / Vancouver Canucks

Hey again. Sorry it took me so long to write a blog today, it’s been a crazy busy day. I haven’t even eaten lunch yet and it’s already dinnertime. I might not have the strength to type thi…

We had another great day of training camp today, but that’s not what I want to talk about. I’d rather talk about Eddies Meatballs, my fantasy football team, that won again Sunday and is now 4-0.

This is my first time playing fantasy football, I’m in a league with the Wolves guys and I didn’t really know what I was doing going into the draft. I had watched some football with Chris Tanev and he showed me a few things, but luckily I showed up late to the draft so the computer picked half my team and I picked the rest!

I remember sending out a tweet after the draft with a picture of my roster asking my awesome followers if I stood a chance. Now I know that I definitely do thanks to Robert Griffin III, Ray Rice, Roddy White and Rob Gronkowski, all studs on my team who helped me beat Bill Sweatt yesterday.

Not only that, Europe won the Ryder Cup and won me some free lunches! Darren Haydar and Brett Sterling both owe me lunch this week; I’m thinking a nice steakhouse would be great, but I know they’re thinking Chipotle Mexican Grill…is there such thing as ‘gourmet’ burritos??

So, in conclusion, it was just a really nice Sunday Funday.

Training camp has been a lot of fun with a lot of hard work so far. Saturday we had a short practice and got new gear and stuff like that; Sunday we played a game, Team Black against Team White and Team White won. I’ll give you one guess as to who the goalie was for Team White…this is also the same person who robbed Anton Rodin a few times…this person has also been chirping him nonstop in Swedish…Hint: his name rhymes with Teddy Slack… #me.

Today we practiced in the morning and I should mention that Steve Pinizzotto had a couple of nice snipes on me. Half the team plays in our first exhibition game tonight against Peoria, I am not playing, I think I’ll be in for some of our next game.

Look at that, 382 words and I’m out of stuff to talk about. It could be the lack of nutrition today…time to go hit up Haydar or Sterling for some free food!

Thanks for reading. I’ll check back real soon.

Oh and to whoever is in charge of things at What were you thinking getting Kevin Connauton as photographer? I don’t know why you hired him, there are plenty of other guys on the team that would do a better job! (Photo 8 from his first gallery was pretty good though!!!)

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