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Lack blog: In the mouth of madness

by Eddie Lack / Vancouver Canucks

Well don’t I feel silly.

I have a confession to make. I found my wallet. It was in my suit pocket. In my defence, I forgot to take it out and then I wore a different suit. It happens all the time…right…right?!?

Ok, I might be going mad. But at least I have my wallet back! What am I doing this weekend? Not canceling all my credit cards and getting a new driver’s licence and library card and eating a lot of sandwiches to get one free, that’s what I’m not doing!

And that’s how Where The Heck Is Eddie Lack's Wallet?!? ends. What a twist at the end there. Fantastic.

Moving on.

Besides playing in our game Saturday, I’ll be picking up some new furniture this weekend. I just moved into a new building at the start of the month and I need some bar stools and a nightstand and stuff. I’ve been to IKEA pretty much every day the last couple of weeks. That place is great, Swedish people really are the best you know!

Speaking of moving, I helped Guillaume Desbiens move a few days ago. He needed some help so of course he asked the nicest guy on the team and that’s me; I always help people move and do the dirty stuff.

Desbiens played for Abbotsford last year and he’s going to play with us this year, so he had a lot of stuff in storage that I helped him move into his place. All that fun moving stuff. He rewarded me with a free lunch, I’ve had a lot of free lunches lately.

I also had a visit with the dentist the other day. I know going to the dentist in the middle of training camp is weird, but I did really had no choice. I got a cavity fixed a couple of years ago in Sweden and it just fell off this summer, so I had to get it fixed now because it started to hurt. Now I have to get a crown put in and everything.

I hate going to the dentist. No new toothbrush, they just gave me the bad news and then I had to pay up. At least I had some good chirps with @strombone1 over Twitter at the dentist office. I like that @strombone1 person, he reminds me of someone I used to know, like an old friend…

Advice for the day: Don’t eat a lot of Swedish candy like red Ferrari cars and gummy bears when you are little and you won’t get cavities!

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