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Lack blog: Happy Holidays

by Eddie Lack / Vancouver Canucks

It’s true what they say: this really is the most wonderful time of the year.

Hi there, I’m Eddie Lack. You may remember me from when I stop pucks for the Chicago Wolves such Lack Blogs as The Lack Ness Monsters, Have you seen my wallet? and In the mouth of madness. Well I’m back, this time in a festive spirit for the holidays!

Sorry about that, I’m practicing for when I get to host my very own holiday special on TV, which will be never.

I really love the holiday season, in fact it’s the only thing keeping me smiling these days. Doing rehab on my hip flexor has been slow and I’m kind of frustrated; I still don’t have a timeline right now, I’m too afraid to set one, I’m just hoping it’s sometime after Christmas – not that I want the rest of December to fly by.

We do Christmas a little different back in Sweden, we celebrate it on the 24th of December. All the families get together around 1 p.m. and we all have some Glogg, it’s like wine, but it’s hot and you drink it with raisins and stuff. Then at 3 o’clock all of Sweden watches Kalle Anka och hans vänner önskar God Jul, which is "Donald Duck and His Friends Wish You a Merry Christmas." It’s a TV special and it’s really popular.

Editor’s Note: Eddie is in fact telling the truth about all of Sweden watching Donald Duck on Christmas Eve – according to this a third to half of everyone in Sweden will tune into the Donald Duck program, created in 1958, this year. Wow. Below is a sample of the action.

December 25th is just a regular day in Sweden, the boys and girls play with their new toys. I remember one year, I think I was five-years-old, I got my first bike, it was blue and had two wheels and my dad taught me how to ride it.

We’re doing a Wolves secret Santa gift exchange and I can’t tell you who I got (hint: it’s one of the short guys, but we have like 10 of them so that’s not really a hint), but I can tell you that I didn’t get them a bike. I thought about maybe getting them an Eddie Lack bobblehead (Santa’s elves have been working overtime to fill all the orders from children around the world!), but I thought that was too good of a gift! Just kidding unknown short man.

Some other things:

-My mom and grandma came to visit a few weeks ago and we had a lot of fun. They love spoiling me. My dad comes to visit this weekend; not sure what we’ll do, we went to a Chicago Blackhawks game last year…

-Eddies Meatballs, my fantasy football team, is done for the season. I lost last weekend in the semi-final to Guillaume Desbiens – ouch, I know. RG3 was hurt, Ray Rice had three points and my three wide receivers, Cruz, Alexader and Boldin, COMBINED FOR ONE POINT.

-Thanks again to everyone who donated to me during Movember, together we raised over $2,000 for prostate cancer. Now the moustache is gone and I’m growing a Decembeard.

As part of the 12 Days of Canucks that is running, I’ve got a pair of tickets to Lady Gaga to give away. Maybe you’d like to go to Lady Gaga’s concert in Vancouver? Yes? No? YES!

To win the tickets just leave a comment below with what you think my favourite Lady Gaga song is. You can say hi too, if you want.

Good luck, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Ho ho ho,


UPDATE: Congrats to @njkphoto, who guessed Telephone as being Eddie Lack's favourite Lady Gaga song. You win two tickets to see her live at Rogers Arena!

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