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Kids only press conference

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks
Alex Burrows and Daniel and Henrik Sedin know kids say the darndest things.

The three Vancouver Canucks veterans, all fathers to at least two children, are always in search of answers to questions their kids come up with. Some they know, some they don’t.

Same thing went for the kids only press conference Burrows and the Sedins took part in outside the CN Centre Saturday afternoon after practice – some questions were a lot harder than others.

Some questions made little to no sense at all. Expect the unexpected when kids are involved.

One of the first questions asked had the guys in stitches: “Are you playful?”

“Ya, we are, I guess…” laughed Burrows, looking over at Henrik and asking “are you?”

“Ya, we like to have fun,” Burrows finished.

Next question: “I went on the Cougars bus this week when I was going home from school.”

“That’s awesome,” chuckled Burrows, in response to the hilarious statement.

Next question: “How much time did it take for the ‘Sardines’ to come to Prince George?”

(pause for laughter)

You can’t make this stuff up.

The adorable little girl with the microphone replaced Sedins with sardines and if watching grown men laugh uncontrollably is your thing, this was your moment. Burrows and the ‘Sardines’ got a kicked out of her mispronunciation.

“It took an hour on an airplane,” snickered Henrik Sedin.

This went on and on for 25 minutes as every kid in attendance asked a question and in the end, the players were all out of answers.

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