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Jonah Gadjovich, prospect/blogger

by Jonah Gadjovich @JGadjovich / Canucks prospect

Hello Vancouver! 

Jonah Gadjovich here, I've been asked to write a blog during Vancouver Canucks Development Camp and although I was too busy over the weekend to collect my thoughts, it's go-time now!

I got into Vancouver on Thursday, June 29th and it's my first time to this beautiful city. It was a clear day when the plane was descending and I was amazed. Looking out the window I couldn't believe the mountains, trees, ocean and city itself; I knew it was going to be a great week as soon as I stepped off the plane.

Friday was filled with a rink tour, checking out the Canucks dressing room, meeting the staff and getting to know the other prospects. It was a bit nerve-wracking coming in, but I saw some familiar faces right away. Petrus Palmu and I were roommates for the last three years in Owen Sound, Mike Carcone and I grew up in the same hometown of Whitby, Ontario, during this year's draft combine I got to know Michael DiPietro well, Brett McKenzie and I have the same agent, so we're trained together for three or four years, and I grew up playing against Matt Brassard.

After going through some medical testing, concussion protocols and getting fitted for gear (which was like Chritmas morning for all the guys!!), we took the bus to Whistler, BC, for the weekend.

And I thought Vancouver was beautiful. Whistler is epic!

The rugged backdrop is unlike anything I've ever seen and the village was hopping, as it was Canada Day. We had some more evaluations in the morning before taking part in a scavenger hunt.

Divided into four teams of five or six guys, we had one hour to complete 26 tasks, with photo proof needed. The list had everything from milk a cow (real or fake) and hold a dog, to take a photo in a hot tub and give a piggyback ride to a tourist. I was not on the winning team, but we sure had a great time. This was exactly the type of fun activity we needed to take part in to get to know each other better.

Saturday night we were on our own for dinner and we ate and explored the village more. It was early to bed after a tiring day - with another adventurous day on the horizon.

Sunday we were on a bus at 10 am heading to Squamish area for some white-water rafting! What a thrill, it's tough to really describe what a rush it is. We had three boats, six or eight guys in each. Wetsuit, wet suit jacket, life jacket, booties and helmet, we were fully equipped. Paddle in hand - always hold the T grip - we were off down the rapids. I did some rafting like this three years ago in Ottawa, but this was a much different experience because of the scenery. I'd be gazing up at the mountains and we'd hit a class 3 or 4 rapid. That ice water hitting you snaps the daze away in a hurry!

I was asked to write about 500 words and I'm at 522, so I'm signing off.

Thanks for reading!



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