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Jason Reitman - 10 points on Canucks/Blues

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks


Jason Reitman begins his second season of blogging for Canucks. Blues. Where do I even begin?

1. Last time these two met in the Playoffs, the Canucks were down 3-1 in the series and came back to win. All I can remember about that series is wanting to see Keith Tkachuk go through the Braveheart “You Can’t Take Away My Freedom” device that slowly rips you in half.

2. Playoff hockey is all about chemistry and momentum… These two teams have both.

3. My last movie was shot in Vancouver. My new movie is shooting in St. Louis. I have gone to five games since arriving in Missouri. I’ve never seen the Blues lose in person. Am I scared?  No.  Want to know why?  I’ve never seen the Canucks play here.

4. The Blues organization has been extraordinarily generous to me and my film crew - Even invited all hundred of us to a game when the Kings were in town - Even invited me to come skate with former players on the Scottrade ice on a game day. They are a tremendous group of professionals that I am proud to know.

5. Everyone in the Blues organization is dead to me.

6. Sundin has never won a Cup… Now he’s on the Canucks. The Leafs didn’t even make the playoffs. Ha ha. Only downside? Would have been fun to watch the Canucks beat the Leafs in the Stanley Cup Final and prolong Sundin’s jersey retirement in the Air Canada Centre by a decade.

7. Last time these two met in the Playoffs, the Blues were a physical team and the Canucks were a finesse team. Hey Jackman, did you see Burrows pick that guy’s head off the ice by his hair just to punch him in the face. Watch out, Jackman. Watch out.

8. Goaltending.  The Blues have Manny Legace playing for Peoria right now. Their starting goalie is Chris Mason… That’s funny, I haven’t heard of him either.  He’s actually been playing pretty well since All-Star game… Four words – Welcome to the Playoffs. Oh, and have you met my friend Bobby Lou?

9. I’ll be at Games 3 and 4 in St. Louis wearing either an orca, a skate in spaghetti, a stick in the rink, or a flying “V”.

10. Canucks in six.
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