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Hunter the blogger - Day 2

by Hunter Shinkaruk / Vancouver Canucks

Two days down, four to go.

Monday was a lot of fun at camp and I actually got through most of the day without any butterflies. After the draft I remember trying to tall asleep at like 3 a.m. and it seemed like it all didn’t actually happen, but it’s really sinking in now. To be here, it’s awesome. It’s a great city and just to get involved and meeting everyone in the organization is really nice.

We had a few camp firsts Monday: some MMA training, a yoga session and a scrimmage. All great and exhausting in different ways.

I had never done any MMA or anything boxing before, so I really enjoyed that. The guy kept saying keep your chin down, if your chin gets up you might get knocked out. And keep your tongue in your mouth or you might lose it. Those were the two main things. If I ever get into a fight, I’ll try to remember that stuff.

I’ve never been in a fight on or off the ice. Maybe some scraps with my sister Savaya when I was young, but it wasn’t MMA style, we maybe just slapped each other, actually we probably just exchanged words.

We did yoga after that and that was tough. I’ve done yoga quite a few times and I’m not the most flexible guy, it’s definitely something that I’ve worked hard on so when I’m older I don’t get injured as much. It’s pretty tough, all the stretches are challenging for me and by the end of it you feel pretty good, but sore. It’s something that it going to allow me to stay in the league longer, so I’m trying to put in the work for sure.

We ended Monday with our first scrimmage and I thought it went pretty well, the legs were a little bit tired, but I start getting more used to the pace the second half of the game.

I skated with Bo Horvat and Ludwig Blomstrand for most of the scrimmage. The chemistry was good, Bo’s a good player, he’s strong, takes the puck hard to the net, so he’s fun to play with. Ludwig was pretty good too; he made some pretty nice passes. My role was just trying to get the puck and create chances, those two are pretty smart, and so I just got them the puck or tried to take it to the net and score.

After giving Day 2 everything I had, the tank was pretty empty Monday night. I went out to eat down at a restaurant on the water with Horvat, Corrado, Hope, Jensen and Cassels, then back to the hotel and I crashed.

It was a great day and I learned a lot of things, I can’t wait for Day 3!

Hunter Shinkaruk (Shin-kar-uk, not Skin-kruk or Skin-kur-uk haha)

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