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Hunter the blogger: Day 1

by Hunter Shinkaruk / Vancouver Canucks

Hi Canucks fans, my name is Hunter Shinkaruk and I’m taking part in Prospects Development Camp this week in Vancouver. I’ve been asked, and by asked I mean told, that I’ll also be blogging everyday about it; I’ve never written a blog before, so this should be fun.

Last Sunday at this time I was drafted by Vancouver 24th overall, now I’m here at Rogers Arena, in Canucks gear, taking part in my first prospects camp. It’s been a whirlwind and everything I’ve ever dreamed of. I’ve been waiting for this opportunity and working towards it and now that it’s here, it’s crazy. There’s been no time to breathe, but I’ve enjoyed it.

Last week I went back home and saw all my family, they had a little surprise get-together for me with all my friends, which was pretty fun. I just got ready for this camp too. Got back in the gym the day I got back, wanted to be ready for everything this week holds, including the fitness testing we had this morning.

No matter how prepared you are, you’re never prepared enough for the VO2 max or wingate tests.

I had never done the V02 or wingate before this summer, and now I’ve done them three times each, I’m getting pretty used to all these tests, but that doesn’t make them any easier. My legs are dead, I’ve got to get an ice bath in today or I’ll be crazy sore when I wake up tomorrow.

Other than that we did some on ice testing to round the day out and I don’t have much on the agenda tonight; I’ve been hanging out with Jordan Subban and Bo Horvat, so maybe we’ll grab a bite to eat somewhere. Just keep it chill.

I’ve been asked to open up a bit while blogging about who I am off the ice and I’m not really too sure what to say.

Basically I’m a humble kid, I like the social networking side of things and I really like to reach out to the community – that’s very important to me. You see someone like Trevor Linden and what he’s done here, he has a huge impact in the community and that’s something that I really want to do in my time here. Big shoes to fill, absolutely, but that’s pretty much the main thing for me. Obviously being a good hockey player is big, but being a good person is something that is going to earn you respect and going to leave a good legacy for you down the road. That’s important to me.

Having a great camp is important to me too, so I should get back to it.

Thanks for reading, I’ll post another blog Monday afternoon.

Oh and congrats to Andy Murray on his Wimbledon win today. I’m a Novak Djokovic fan, so it was a rough finish, but it was tough not to cheer for Murray a bit, especially with those fans so behind him.

Hunter Shinkaruk

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