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How loud was Game 5? Decibel Meter will tell you

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

How loud was Game 5 in Rogers Arena?

Simply, as a body of sustained screaming, yelling, hooting and Luuuuing, the loudest building in recent recordings of the Decibel Meter during Stanley Cup Final games. Especially once Maxim Lapierre scored with 4:35 gone in the third period, allowing Canucks fans to fully unleash a collective Type A (as in Anxiety) personality that was rewarded with 31 saves and a huge zero on the scoreboard by Roberto Luongo and his vindicated defensemen.

Who's got the earplugs?

And that was just inside this hockey-tilted building. A noise meter on the closed streets of Robson and Granville would likely have busted the device.

Here's the Decibel Meter rundown for Game 5. The guess here? Boston fans will be more than ready to match the din Monday night for Game 6 at TD Garden. Think it's time to swap out the batteries.

Rock music during Lozo's live chat
102-111dB Motorcycle/
Power saw
Pre-game countdown to Canucks skating onto ice
106dB Power mower
We Want the Cup! We Want the Cup! chant
107dB Power mower
Cheers for first two back-to-back Canucks hits
Early 1st period
104dB Motorcycle
Cheers for three clears during penalty kill
Early 1st period
103dB Motorcycle
Ovation for completion of penalty kill
3:39 of 1st period
108dB Power saw
Malhotra short-handed attempt deflects off Thomas
Mid-1st period
107dB Power mower
Strong inside Luongo saves during power play
Late 1st period 106dB Power mower
Hansen hit on Ference during power play
Late 1st period 104dB Motorcycle
Cheer for Malhotra when he appears on big screen
Late 1st period 102dB Motorcycle
Cheers after Lucic called for tripping during faceoff
19:27 of 1st period 106dB Power mower
Boos after Burrows called for penalty on same play
19:27 of 1st period 104dB Motorcycle
Sustained pressure on Thomas by Canucks
Early 2nd period 102dB Motorcycle
Tough save by Luongo
Early 2nd period 101dB Motorcycle
Crowd reacts to Kesler goalie interference penalty
4:18 of 2nd period 105dB Power mower
Crowd roars for McQuaid called for holding minor
7:22 of 2nd period 106dB Power mower
Organ plays during break in the action
Late 2nd period 108dB Power saw
Steve Nash shown on big screen fist pumping
Late 2nd period 109dB Power saw
Roar when Lapierre scores game's first goal
4:35 of 3rd period 119dB Loud rock concert
Sustained cheers for nearly a minute afterwards
Seconds later 114dB Sandblasting
Lapierre appears on big screen at the bench
Moments later 111dB Power saw
Tripping call on Game 4 hero Peverley
12:09 of 3rd period 109dB Power saw
Canucks great Trevor Linden on big screen
Moments later 108dB Power saw
Final seconds when evident B's would not score
End of regulation 119dB Loud rock concert
Canucks still mobbing Luongo after game
45 seconds later 117dB Loud rock concert
Lapierre announced as game's No. 3 star
Moments later 111dB Power saw
Luongo announced as game's No. 1 star Moments later 115dB Sandblasting
Luongo skates out, slams stick with emphasis
Seconds later 117dB Loud rock concert


Level at which sustained exposure may result in hearing loss:      90 - 95dB
Pain begins:     
Loudest recommended exposure WITH hearing protection:      
Loudest sound possible:      

Statistics for the Decibel Comparison Chart were taken from a study by Marshall Chasin , M.Sc., Aud(C), FAAA, Centre for Human Performance & Health, Ontario, Canada.

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