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Googling Canucks

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks
Google the word ‘Canucks’ and the top result is Vancouver Canucks: The Official Web Site.

You have bookmarked as your homepage, obviously, so you Googling the team is just plain unnecessary.

But Googling, as you know, has become a way of life. I Google, you Google, we all Google and it turns out Canucks fans turn to Google quite often.

With Tuesday being an off-day for the team following a 4-2 pre-season loss to Arizona Monday, there were no players around to keep me out of trouble, so I turned to Google for entertainment.

It more than came through. Here are some of my findings.

Will the Canucks...

Nothing too surprising here. A lot of playoff talk, some Stanley Cup action and goalies. No idea why San Jose is singled out as a team the Canucks are in question to beat, but the answer is yes, Vancouver will beat San Jose again.

Where do the Canucks...

They practice at Rogers Arena, they play at Rogers Arena, they live in Vancouver, they hang out in Vancouver at Rogers Arena annnnnd then it gets creepy. The team stays in hotels on the road, different hotels in every city, and it changes a lot and so do the rooms...don't make me get a restraining order!

Do the Canucks...

Yes (Willie Desjardins), no (not until Thursday), no (it's a loaner from Air Canada), YES ALWAYS, (see previous answer), no (not until Thursday I said), no (thanks for bringing that up), no (NOT UNTIL THURSDAY), no (dare to dream) and yes (but it's a loander from Air Canada).

Did the Canucks...

This was one of the more interesting searches. There seems to be a lot of angst about the Canucks making it to Calgary, for some reason. Three of the 10 searches were about this, and with Vancouver's flights to Calgary clocking in at just over 80 minutes, this flight is the least of the team's concerns. You guys have been watching too much Lost.

What are the Canucks...

What are the Canucks doing now? I love that question because of how vague it is. As in, how are they spending their day off? Well, if I were to guess, I'd say Miller is prepping the baby room, Richardson snuck in some golf, Sbisa, Dorsett, Bonino and Vrbata are exploring Vancouver and loving the sun, while Corrado and Lack are likely reading this story. Bonus points for the question: What are the Canucks going to do. Easy: they're going to win.

How are the Canucks...

Talk about a mixed bag of queries. How old, bad and good are the Canucks. To quote everyone's favourite band, OneRepublic, in regards to age: old, but they're not that old, young, but they're not that young (something like that); the Canucks are only bad at being bad at things and they're good. Yep, they're good. Sidenote - I could not work for Google as a question answererer.

How will the Canucks...

You guess is as good as mine, but prepare yourself to be pleasantly surprised. Stay tuned.

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