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GBlog - 05.21.2014

by Jason Garrison / Vancouver Canucks
First off, E. coli poisoning – I don't recommend it.

Yes, from either the rushed late night room service or the ice cubes in my water, I managed to get and thankfully overcome, E. coli poisoning. I don't think it's necessary to go into more detail, people that have had it will probably agree it's not fun!

Other than that, the last week has been a great week. As a team we played some hard fought games against very good teams. Burr managed to wipe his outstanding debt back against Jannik when we defeated Denmark (for those wondering, the previous weeks before we came to World Championships we were skating at Rogers Arena and after each skate we played "Golf" on the ice. Burr and Jannik had a wager each time and Jannik came out on top. Like majorly. So the last day they might have made an extended gentleman’s bet about the game at World’s) and Juice got to play against his sort of native tongue, the Italianos.

During this time many of the players had family or friends come. So what was once just a group of players is now moms, dads, wives, girlfriends, and buddies. It's been very cool having so many people around. After a couple days it really feels like one big family. We have all the meals together (bonus points if you can tell me what the food at the top of the blog is...) and Hockey Canada has something set up each day for the guests within the city. It seems like everyone is really enjoying themselves and you can feel the excitement when it comes to the real reason we are here: the hockey!

We were fortunate enough to win our Group, which was one of our goals entering the tournament. Now we play Finland in the quarterfinals and from that game on it's all elimination games!

On a side note, someone commented and asked about the music we play, so I want to touch on that. The music we play in the room varies quite a bit. We play country and Tragically Hip mostly in the mornings and come game time it goes into a faster pace with rock, hip-hop, and some DJ songs. Also, I did hear the trainers rocking out to Eminem post-game after everyone was gone.

Unless E. coli tries to take me down again, I’ll blog soon.


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