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From the Rafters (3.1.15)

by Wyatt Arndt / Vancouver Canucks
The Canucks took on the St. Louis Blues in what can only be described as an absolute insane game. You want lead changes? We’ve got you covered. Also, two Tim Bits saves of the year as well as martinis! Martinis for everyone!

- Rumor has it James Bond randomly appears in your suite to not only flirt with your guests, but also escape certain death. And he drinks all of your martinis. Seriously, drink up before he arrives.

- Two things. One, that is some nice Hitchcock (Alfred, not Ken) silhouette profiling going on there. Two, that is some fancy stamp action going on there. 9/10 from the judges!

- An intense pre-game discussion is taking place about the etiquette rules for wearing a Kesler jersey at Rogers Arena.


- Matthias has taken to skating the puck down the ice, and attempting to cram it directly down the opposing goalies throat any chance he gets. It is very fun to watch.

- The Blues got the early lead due to a nice shot from Reaves all alone in the slot, but the explanation of Darth Vader and... Laser goat? makes for a far better story. Honestly, how would one even stop a laser goat? Exactly.


- Shawn Matthias once again went to the net hard, and was rewarded with a nice pass from Higgins to get the home team back into the game. Shawn then slammed into the glass to celebrate the goal, but to be honest, it felt more like the glass was protecting the fans from Matthias. When he goes into beast mode, he really goes into beast mode. It was like that scene in Jurassic Park, where the raptors were merely testing the fence for a weakness...

- Down two nothing, then all of a sudden it was a tie game again. It is very hard to be in a relationship with an NHL hockey team at times. Roller coaster of emotions.

- Eddie made a HUGE save to keep the game tied at 2. The best part was the crowd had trouble coordinating their “Eddie!” chants. They tried for several moments before stopping. They then took a moment to compose themselves, then started a fully unified “Eddie!”chant a minute later, thus proving that practice pays off.


- Things got a bit messy in the second period when Kassian and Reaves got involved in a scrum by the boards. Apparently St. Louis and Vancouver did not enjoy each others company tonight. It’s also apparently taboo to punch a player while the refs are holding him. This is something Ryan Reaves has yet to learn.

- Kassian now has the most famous black eye in BC. If there is one thing Vancouver fans respect, it’s a face that is beat up because of hockey. It gets you free drinks at any restaurant if you have a really good story about a stitch or bruise from hockey.

- The Canucks made it 3-2 on a goal that looked to be a victim of a quick whistle, but shockingly the call went in Vancouver’s favor. Yes, it’s still weird to read that. The Vancouver Canucks got a call to go their way!

- You know what this game needed? DANCING. And that’s just what this trio gave to the home crowd. Now, while fan on right had some solid solid hand wave dance moves going on, the MVP has to be fan in the middle. Middle fan stands the entire time and doesn’t sit down once. Middle fans dance work ethic is off the charts. Left side fan could learn a thing or two.


- You know what makes games even better? Nick Bonino laser beams top corner.

- Who let them in, WHO LET THEM IN.

- In a game like tonight, there was no way it was going to end up being a blowout. Aliens could have landed at center ice and demanded Kenins come with them, and that would have been only the third strangest thing to happen tonight. At one point there were three men dressed up as Pikachu in the crowd. Things got weird.

- That was either a really well done pun from Raffi about Bo’s failed breakaway, or his phone now autocorrects “No” to “Bo”. OVERTIME

- You know how sometimes you hate the post? (1994). Tonight, the Canucks loved the post. Two of the loudest posts in post history happened tonight in overtime. Seriously, the sound rang throughout the building as if warning us the British were coming.


- Again, this was a very very weird night. Some dirty dangles being busted out in the shootout. Luckily the good guys won!


- Tim Bits hockey was all about the saves, about the saves tonight. Two breakaways in a game? Forget about it, these two brick wall goalies didn’t even break a sweat. Forget Eddie Lack and Ryan Miller, we might have two new kids pushing for jobs next year!

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