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From the Rafters (2.03.15)

by Wyatt Arndt / Vancouver Canucks
The Canucks took on the Winnipeg Jets, backstopped by noted Ikea enthusiast Eddie Lack! Read on to find out about visiting muppets, Birthday hats, and the Tim Bits goal of the year!

- Tonight we find out the age old question, can Orca whales eat Jets? Orcas have to share some DNA with Godzilla, so there has to be a chance.

- Ryan Miller, seen in the picture here, was backing up Eddie Lack, who got the start on the night. Eddie Lack was not stretching, as he was probably making furniture, something that all Swedish goalies do before playing a game of hockey.


- It was better when they were our farm team. Bunch of mean Jets fans, coming into our building, cheering loudly, eating OUR popcorn. OK, it’s mostly the popcorn that’s the concern here.

- Vancouver fan wins, he has the jersey, not just a t-shirt, that shows commitment. Go Vancouver!

- The Canadian Women’s National Soccer team was in the building tonight, presumably to give some tips to the Canucks on their pre-game soccer routine. No more getting balls stuck in the pipes.

- Although the Jets got off to an early 1-0 lead (boo), the Canucks quickly tied it up (yay). The Sedins, going on their re-union tour with Alex Burrows for the night, combined to score a classic goal to tie the game up. They’re like the Ross and Rachel of the NHL. They may split up at times, but you know they’ll just end up together in the end.

- Henrik’s C is for “Courteous.” Daniel’s A is for “Apple Pie” but nobody knows why.

- “Marchand” is an automatic jersey foul. It’s surprising that security even let that jersey in the building!

- Ok, Letang isn’t playing tonight, so it’s kind of weird to see that jersey, but it’s better than a Marchand jersey. Due to the fact Marchand got the jersey foul of the night though, Letang gets a pass. Barely. People take note, if you have a jersey foul, Farzin WILL find you.

- Give credit where credit is due. The Jets fans in the building brought out the best in the Canucks fans, as the atmosphere was great all game long. “Eddie” chants rang through the building after he made a breakaway save, with a few Jets fans booing and eating popcorn. Always eating our popcorn...dirty little hobbitses...


- How is that not your Twitter picture avatar?? For shame!

- You were so close to gold Ryan. It’s a Bo drag. We were looking for Bo drag. It was an amazing move, though. It was almost as good as the Tim Bits goal of the night! (That’s called foreshadowing)

- While very true, that is a healthy amount of side eye that doggy is giving you. It appears that certain dogs are not comfortable with their picture being taken, they just want to watch the game like a normal person without any paparazzi around! Is that so much to ask??

- You can get a job for From the Rafters. It doesn’t pay very much, but you do get access to the team car. Please note the team car is a bicycle. You can only use it on Tuesdays. Every second week.

- The Jets thought they had made it 2-1, but luckily for the home crowd, the refs waived off the goal due to goalie interference. Or as Canucks fans call it “SWEET JUSTICE” after watching the goal against Minnesota get waived off on Sunday.

- The Jets played a tough game all night, which brought out some anger in the Canucks. How crazy was it? At one point Radim Vrbata was throwing body checks! As noted, however, Dan Hamhuis “Shell of Sadness” technique does not work well in line scrums.


- As if it wasn’t bad enough with the Jets fans eating all the popcorn, things took a turn for the worse when noted popcorn throwers Statler and Waldorf showed up to the game. To be fair, they aren’t half bad....they’re all bad!

- The Jets made it 2-1 after Alex Edler’s stick broke at the worst time possible. Instead of reflecting on the career of broken Edler sticks, here’s an interview Canucks prospect Jake Virtanen gave at the game! Or for those at home who saw him on Sportsnet, Jack Virtanen!

- The worst endorsement in hockey right now has to be Alex Edler and stick companies.

- All he wanted for his Birthday was a Henrik Sedin six goal game. Is that so much to ask??

- Former Canucks goalie Corey Hirsch has a good point. Apparently in an alternate universe Corey Hirsch was born in Latvia and was a scrappy grinder.


- Luca Sbisa scored in overtime, but more importantly Statler and Waldorf got exposed as nothing more than men. We thought they were muppets, but they were just men all along.

The overtime goal also marked one of the rare times Vrbata chose to pass instead of shoot. It still doesn’t really make sense to be honest.

- While the Sbisa overtime goal was nice, nothing beats the Tim Bits goal of the night. A breakaway from center is no easy task, as that gives you too much time to think, but that was not a problem tonight. Look at those dangles! And the falling at the end was the cherry on top! Alex Burrows couldn’t have done it better himself!

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