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From the Rafters (2.01.15)

by Wyatt Arndt / Vancouver Canucks
The Canucks took on the Minnesota Wild in a rare noon game! It’s like a shootout at high noon, except instead of cowboys and lawbreakers it’s Derek Dorsett versus anyone.

- Apparently there was some sort of football game today? Something about a Lamborghini trophy? Anyways, the important thing is that the Canucks were playing.

- Those are prime seats to shout “SHOOOOOOOT” when the Canucks are on the powerplay. Though it might be tough to throw a hat on the ice for a hat trick. You better work on your curve ball hat tossing abilities just in case!

- OK, that was super nice, but we’re still allowed to hate him during the game, right?

- The anthems on the night were sung by the Watoto Children’s Choir from Uganda!


- Newest Canuck Adam Clendening had his first game with the team. He used to be a Blackhawk, but with enough time, and therapy, we can get past that.

- I believe you are mistaken good sir, THIS is the big game.

- Happy Birthday! Just be careful with that t-shirt at the game. Fin tends to confuse “kiss” with “bite the head off”. He’s a really good hugger though!

- The Canucks had a guest organist today, who played “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons, despite repeated calls for “Free Bird”. Sam did a great job, though, and earned himself a loud applause from the home crowd.

- That does seem like the worst part of living next to Rogers Arena. Imagine having to stare at the building during the playoffs? Also, does it smell like hot dogs on game night? So many questions.

- On one play, Frankie attempted to slap the puck out of his own zone. He shot it so hard he fell over and iced the puck. Frankie is too strong for his own good.

- Also the period ended with no scoring, which should come as no shock if you’ve ever seen the Minnesota Wild play.

- Pat Quinn is always watching!


- So yeah, the Wild made it 2-0 in the second period. It was not a good time in Canucks Nation. Though the one Minnesota Wild fan in attendance who kept trying to start a “Go Wild Go!” chant was pretty happy.

- This is the double edged sword of fantasy hockey. You don’t know whether to be happy or to cry.

- And the award for the most horrifying question goes to... Seriously, not cool. You should not be allowed to play for two different teams and get shutouts like that.

- It’s as weird as when Trevor Letowski wore #10 three years after Bure was traded. It takes a while to adjust sometimes.

- LISTEN TO THIS DOG, VANCOUVER. Canucks comeback win coming up!

Unless he’s one of those lying dogs. Those dogs are the worst. Still very cute, mind you. Just full of lies.


- The Canucks thought they had made the game 2-1, but an Alex Edler goal was called off due to Vrbata being in the crease. The Canucks fans did not take this news well. It got even worse when the Wild made it 3-0 later in the period.

- With the game looking all but over, one man stepped up to try and save the game. A hero with one plan to turn things around. Ronalds. Kenins.

41 goals from Kenins next year. Book it.

- The Canucks made it 3-2, meaning the dog might have been telling the truth all along. The building came to life, though half of the energy was still spent booing the refs.

- And just like that, it was over. The Wild made it 4-2. The dog’s promises, empty. Why you gotta be like that, dog?

- Spot on. It feels like the theme song from the Littlest Hobo should start playing now or something.


- THAT is how you make a team pay for turning over the puck in the slot!

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