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From the Rafters (12.13.14)

by Wyatt Arndt / Vancouver Canucks
The Vancouver Canucks finally made their way home to partake in some of the holiday festivities and get in a game or two of hockey while they were at it. The New York Rangers and old friend Alain Vigneault were the opposition on the night, so read on to find out about all the giggles, lozenges, and smirks that Vigneault games are made of.

- Toque? Check. Beer? Check. At a hockey game? Check. This is officially the most Canadian thing you can do. The only thing missing? Maple syrup cologne.

- Australia respects the skate logo! This is a glorious moment for BC and Australian relations. Whistler has never been happier!


- This game didn’t start off very well for the good guys. It was 2-0 before the blink of an eye. Fin barely had time to put on his dancing pants.

- Then it was 3-0. In the spirit of the holidays, Vancouver was very giving when it came to odd man rushes.

- OK, so that first period didn’t go well, we can all admit that. Most of the fan tweets about the first period were a mixture of shock, surprise, and eternal sadness. The good news is these Canucks don’t just sit down and give up. They eat 3-0 leads for breakfast!


- OK so they didn’t eat the 3-0 lead for breakfast this game.

- Sometimes the best thing to do in games that get away from the Canucks is to just enjoy the experience of being at the arena. Have some popcorn. Watch the game with your kids. And try not to cry. Never cry in front of the children.

- Marty St. Louis got a breakaway, and then was awarded the senior discount and got a second one for free. There is no other way to explain how he was awarded the penalty shot. Luckily Ryan Miller stopped both of them, and he even beat the puck to within an inch of its life for daring to try and score on him on a penalty shot.

- The good news is that’s a terrific looking hat that really pops in selfies. We have to look for the silver linings in games like these.

- Lionel Richie lyrics? Sure, why not. Bring it!

- The superskills game will probably be the most intense superskills of all time as the Canucks try and bounce back from this game. “And Weber sets a new record with a 124 miles per hour slap shot!”


- Somehow, the Mozza Burger is responsible for four of the goals tonight. Luckily, 5-0 leads aren’t insurmountable, they’re just very very very very...ok, they’re insurmountable.

- Mrs. Evelyn Edwards was in attendance tonight, a young lady just hitting the age of 100. She almost saw the Millionaires win the Cup, saw hockey played in the Denman arena, and she witnessed Mark Messier in a Canucks jersey. Two of those things are very very awesome. One is unspeakably evil.

- Moral victories! Ruining a shutout is a glorious feeling. Also, Nick Bonino has to be one of the greatest two on one guys in the league to watch. He’s shoots the puck like the net offended his families honor.

- See the things you can get done during blowouts? So many things. Your house will never look better!

- This is true, the one thing Vigneault fans wanted to see was his trademark chomp and stomp as he tried to figure out a power play formation. There weren’t even any stray lozenge wrappers on the bench either!


- The Canucks will have some highs and they will have some lows. It’s easy to get down on them after a stretch of games like the last four, but how many seasons have started badly and ended up great or vice versa? All you can do is watch and see what happens! Then complain bitterly at the end of the season.

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