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From the Rafters (11.23.14)

by Wyatt Arndt / Vancouver Canucks
Everybody’s favorite team, the Chicago Blackhawks, rolled into town Sunday night. Read on to find out all about Daniel Sedin’s 1000th game, Jannik Hansen goals, Jannik Hansen goals, and oh yeah, even more Jannik Hansen goals!

- The big story before the game was Daniel Sedin playing in his 1,000 game as a Canuck. The other two guys to play 1,000 games with Vancouver? Trevor Linden and Henrik Sedin.

A guy who played thirty games for the Canucks? Tommi Santala. Come on, Tommi deserves some love, too.

- Yes. An adult onesie is always work appropriate attire. It keeps you warm, comfortable, and you look fantastic in it. What workplace wouldn’t want to encourage this? A terrible workplace, that’s who.

- Sabotaging Blackhawk jersey sales in favor of Canucks jerseys? Well played, well played.

- The Canucks are about three goalies away from this fella needing a new jersey.


- It’s like a giant Daniel Sedin is about to rampage Rogers Arena. And by rampage, we mean donate money to charities and warmly greet people at the door.

- So the rumors are true, Blackhawks fans do exist...

- One of the easiest ways to become a fan favorite is to take out Patrick Kane.

- The easiest way to become mayor of Vancouver and get an assortment of cakes? Take out Duncan Keith.

- Jannik Hansen continues his scoring at will as he got his third goal in three games. Bo Horvat got an assist on the goal, and was seen whispering to the camera “Don’t send me back to junior.” (He didn’t whisper that, but he was probably thinking it.)

- At this rate, the trophy will be renamed the Rocket Hansen award by years end.

- And the award for most understated goal celebration on Twitter goes to....

- And the award for the happiest person about the Hansen goal is....


- Where to start, where to start.... Well, for one, I hope you like mustaches.

- If you’re wondering why not much time is being spent on discussing the game up to now, is because it was a very clinical approach by Vancouver. They simply outplayed Chicago, with Miller only having to make an assortment of easy saves early on.

- Of course, the minute anyone thinks to themselves “Miller must be bored”, the other team scores. It’s like Ghostbusters, you have to clear your mind of all things if you want the Canucks to win a game. Never think a positive thought. Positive thoughts are what causes the hockey gods to lash out.

- Tucking in the t-shirt? That’s a bold move, the kind not seen since the late 1980’s...

- The Canucks had plenty of chances to take the lead, but Crawford did seem to get quite a few quick whistles to go his way, which is the equivalent of finding out your PVR didn’t record the end of your favorite TV show.

- Sometimes you have to resort to begging, it’s true.

- The Green Men in their fourth final game, summoned their inner Bob Ross for this penalty. A happy little penalty.

- Photos of unsuspecting friends are some of the best photos you can take.

- The story of the game, aside from the Green Men Retirement Tour, was the play of Bo Horvat. He continues to win faceoffs, and he got an assist on Hansen’s goal as well. What looked like a short 9 game stint this year is quickly turning into a “How can you send him down??” question.


- Everyone who has played hockey has felt the horrifying sight of seeing your shot ping off the post on an empty net. The only way to move past it is to curl up in the fetal position after the game and have a good cry in the shower for 10 minutes.

- You can either love the post or violently hate the post. There is no gray area with the posts.

- Bonino was seen shaking his head on the bench five minutes later. See? There is no easy way to get over a post.

- Rocket Hansen trophy!

- Whatever it is, it’s working. KEEP ON FEEDING HIM IT. Whatever it is. Unless it’s human flesh. Then we should probably talk things over.

- In case you were wondering, Duncan Keith was roundly boo’d every single time he had the puck. Ryan Kesler was just the warm up game.

- In the old days, after hitting a post, the Canucks would have lost the game, because that’s just what happened. Tonight, however? They kept the pedal to the medal and simply kept outplaying Chicago.

- Radim, more well known for his pretty sniper like goals, sometimes likes to get down and dirty in the trenches to get a nice greasy goal. You know, to remind people that he’s just a regular dude, like all of us.

Ok, we joked about the Rocket Hansen trophy, but it’s seriously starting to become a real possibility here guys….

- VANCOUVER WON THE TRADE!!!! Joking aside, Bo Horvat’s 3 point night is going to make things awfully tough for Canucks management. Or super easy. “Keep him” seems easy to say.


- A kid that young extolling the virtues of working hard at both ends of the ice?? Sign him to a contract!

- This explains two things: One, the attention to defense in his own zone. And two, his super serious approach to interviews.

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