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From the Rafters (11.20.14)

by Wyatt Arndt / Vancouver Canucks
The Vancouver Canucks welcomed Ryan Kesler back to Vancouver as they took on the Ducks Thursday night. Read on to find out all about the broken glass, Bo Horvat-mania, and dry scraping's final game before retirement.

- Alex Burrows was a late scratch to the game. Also a late scratch? The cookies in press row. This was not the best way to start a game.

- Another late scratch? Former Canuck Bryan Allen. Although overshadowed slightly by Ryan Kesler's return, Bryan Allen's (15th? 32nd? 45th?) return to Rogers Arena was cut short when he was traded earlier in the day. Now we'll never know if the Canucks had planned a ceremony for Allen or not.

- Jason Labarbera. Never forget.

- A shout out to all the people stuck in classes or the office during the Canucks games yet still manage to sneak in looking at their phones for updates. It looks like the person sitting in front of Taylor gave up on sneaking and just flat out bailed to watch the game. Who leaves a sweet three ring binder open like that?? That's just playing with fire.

- Oh yeah, that's right, this guy was playing his first game back in Vancouver.

- Love him or hate him, Kesler can still grow a greasy moustache with the best of them.

- Who throws a shoe? Honestly!


- The Canucks went down a goal early, which upset our European fans. It's only fair, if they stay up late to watch that the Canucks score first, come on!

- In case you were wondering, Kesler is officially one of those "boo him every time he touches the puck" guys now at Rogers Arena.

- In 2011, Dan Hamhuis went down with an injury in the Finals. It was awful. Tonight he also went down after simply turning on the ice. He had to be helped off the ice as a result. Hopefully Hammer is ok, but it was not a good sight seeing Hamhuis struggle to walk.

- Finally, some investigation into the life of Dan Murphy. He was probably tweeting about picking up milk on the way home or something equally as devious.

- Found it. Found the person who injured Burrows. THIS IS ON YOU!

- One perk of going to Canucks games? Getting to update photos of yourself with Trevor Linden.

- The Canucks were down 2-0, but they had their chances, it wasn't like they were getting dominated. It was just one of those periods where Anaheim buried their chances and the Canucks couldn't bury theirs.

- Bo Horvat may not be showing much offense, but he has been strong in his own zone, and is very good at shielding the puck and winning board battles.

- The period ended with someone trying to punch Corey Perry. This isn't the first time and it won't be the last time that sentence is written.


- Wait, what?

- The guy in the upper right of the picture is the best part. He saw everything...

- It's always good to see people raising money for charity!

- Unless you just really really hate balloons.

- Ah, Poo Face, he was a great player for Vancouver. Played dirty in the corners, though.

-Sometimes, you just have to Bo-lieve! Bo Horvat got his first NHL goal and the crowd almost took the roof off the place. The goal was preceded by the Canucks hounding the Ducks all over the ice and generally being those annoying kind of guys you hate playing against in beer league hockey. You know, the guys who work really hard and tire you out.

- That's the sort of veteran move that keeps you in the NHL. That and goals. All of the goals.

- Reason #716 why being a goaltender is a life fraught with peril. People shoot the puck at extremely high speeds, sometimes at your head. Luckily they miss half the time.

- Selfies with the dead glass? Why not!

- This...this was a thing of beauty. Seriously, the Canucks breakout on this delayed penalty will be used in college when they teach classes on how to score with the goalie pulled. Honestly, it needs to be put in a museum. Now.

- This is a great point. It's not often goalies get to celebrate goals with their boys. Often times they sit in their cone of silence, celebrating by themselves, forever alone. Forever alone.

- Radim The Dream Vrbata scores again. Can the Canucks extend his contract yet?

- Vrbatman works too. As long as Christian Bale plays him in the movie. Not Val Kilmer.

- This is how rumors get started...

- The Canucks went down two goals and then came back to take a three to two lead. It is an exciting, confusing, and sometimes scary time for Canucks fans. What are these..... "goals" speak of??


- The Wave. Making enemies since 1917 (making a wild stab at the date it originated at).

- This is why technology is so important. It allows us to do the important things at work. Like watch hockey.

- Winning faceoffs against Kesler, scoring his first goal...Bo Horvat played his best game in the NHL tonight. If he gets sent down, expect a strongly worded letter sent to Canucks management from the fans.

- So hey, Bo-Mania might be starting to run wild on Vancouver...

- The Ducks tied the game up on a scramble in front of the net, but let's talk about how happy these two guys are at finding each other, instead.

- It's not a Canucks game until Hank busts out a no look pass after shrugging off a shooting chance.


- Daniel Sedin's hip check resembled that trick you would do where a guy would duck behind someone and another guy would push him over.

- Eddie was the reason this game didn't end in the overtime. He played great.

- At one point Daniel had a tap in for the winner but he missed the net . It's best we not talk about it.


- The Ducks won the shootout, but it was a great game that could have gone either way. The Canucks almost won it in overtime, but the hockey gods are a fickle bunch. Great entertaining game, and the Canucks snagged a point out of it.

- Alex Edler's latest haircut really makes him look like Brian Elliott.

- Exactly.

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