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From the Rafters (11.02.14)

by Wyatt Arndt / Vancouver Canucks
The Vancouver Canucks took on the Nashville Predators before heading out on their California road trip. Read on to find out about all the hits, passes, and Shea Weber slapshots through the net.

- Signs the Canucks are off to a great start? People start offering free drinks on twitter to try and see a game. If the Canucks dominate on the upcoming trip through California expect to see the offers rise to cleaning houses and spending time with mother-in-laws.

- For those wondering, the Canucks dessert for the press row meal was the rare and delicious snickerdoodle. Google it now and rejoice in its simplicity and tastiness.

- Eddie Lack got the start tonight, and it's important to note that Eddie shaved his glorious beard off, in the name of Movember. While Movember is a great cause, let's all take a moment to remember the beard Eddie took three years to grow that had JUST reached it's peak level.

- 10 years old and singing in front of thousands of people?? She deserves a snickerdoodle!

- You score some goals, people in Canada will buy your jersey. This is how Canadian hockey fans work. It's also why someone, somewhere, owns a Justin Kurtz jersey.


- One perk of seeing games live? You can get real up close and personal on all the awkward looking mustaches that are about to be grown by various hockey players.

- On a rainy, Sunday night, both teams appeared to be still recovering from bingeing on Halloween candy from the weekend, as the play was loose and fast both ways to start the game. No word if the rumor that Eddie Lack was seen munching on Snickers in between breaks in play was true.

- How loose was it? Both teams combined for 25 shots in the period. Last year, they would have combined for three.

- Alex Edler with the ol' "bank shot" rarely used in hockey. Seth Jones scrambling to stop the puck but being unable to do anything but watch as it slowly rolled into the net is probably the best thing about this goal.

- Lucas Sbisa takes out a Predator, gets Shea Weber to take a penalty in retaliation, and the Canucks score on the ensuing power play. That is pretty much the ultimate Lucas Sbisa shift of destruction.

- In a scary moment that brought back memories of Malholtra's scary eye injury from 2011, Bieksa took a deflected puck to the eye during a play behind the net. While not as devastating looking as Malholtra's injury at first glance, one has to think visors will soon become mandatory in the NHL to help prevent eye injuries. Besides, as Linds points out, visors can be a pretty bad ass thing to wear.

- Johnny Canuck has video competitions that run on the big screen during some games. In tonight's game, he challenged the upper bowl to cheer louder than the lower bowl. The winner? The LOWER bowl! Throw your suit and cell phone cliches out the window, the lower bowl brought it tonight, much to the delight of Johnny himself. Sadly, free axes and a years worth of lumber was not handed out as a prize. For shame Johnny, for shame.

- this something the Canucks have the answer to?


- The Predators tied the game up after Hamhuis deflected the puck into his own net, which is something all rec hockey league players have done before. When the audience saw the goal replay, the groans that accompanied it were not derisive, they were more like "Ohhhhhh shoot, I just did that last week too."

- All the tire pumping about the fast loose hockey was reversed in the 2nd period, as both teams settled into a back and forth of neutral zone hockey.

- Apparently Dorsett's elbow came up while being hit with cross checks?

- There will always be people who hate the wave. Every single time the wave happens, there will be one person who just does not care for it.

- Tom Sestito ran into the dreaded "lower body injury" plague as he, too, had to leave the game in the second period. Well wishes to a quick recovery for Tom, and in the meantime, it looks like Bo Horvat will get his first NHL game next week. Bolieve in Horvat!

- Jokinen went from having no hair for years, to having one of the most cherished flows in hockey. The man has versatile hair, ready to play any role a team requires of him.

- See?


- The Canucks, well, they looked tired in the third period. That is, until a rousing "Go Canucks Go!" chant broke out, spurring the Canucks towards a great shift with several scoring chances. Keep on cheering people, that is the only way to generate more shots!

- Once the chants died out, the Predators made it 2-1. See? It's science. Keep chanting if you don't want the Canucks to lose.

- Eddie Lack's luck this year hasn't been great. From an own goal, to a scramble in front leading to an easy tap in, this season has been rough to Lack. Eddie apparently angered the Hockey Gods at some point. Possibly by shaving off that glorious beard.

- Also, Jokinen might have covered the puck with his hand. The Canucks are just lucky Dorsett didn't get called for elbowing the puck.

- Things are dire when Raffi starts waffling on his Canucks predictions.

- The Predators have an uncanny ability to make it seem like getting the puck out of your own zone is the hardest thing in the world to do. Full credit to their pesky forechecking which was on full display all night long.

- Back to back games have been the biggest foe of the Canucks this year. As Clay points out, it doesn't get any easier, as the trip through California ends up with old friend Ryan Kesler waiting for them in the second game of the back to back.


- The Canucks may have lost, but the Burnaby Bulldogs still put on quite the show during the TimBits intermission hockey. The impressive thing about the goal isn't just the fact that #2 waited for the five hole to open up, it's the fact he managed to do a one handed celebration while sliding on the ice afterwards. That takes focus and dedication!

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