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From the Rafters (10.30.14)

by Wyatt Arndt / Vancouver Canucks
The Vancouver Canucks took on the Montreal Canadiens on Thursday night. Read on to find out about all the passes, hits, and PK Subban angrily attacking Daniel Sedin.

- Because Boston isn't even playing in this game, this can officially be called a jersey foul for tonight's game. Unless it was a Halloween costume. In that case, well played good sir, well played.

- Johnny Canuck, normally seen fighting with bears or cutting down trees, struggles against meatloaf of all things. The meatloaf, for the record, was delicious.

- Signs Montreal is visting? A "Go Habs Go" chant breaks out during the warm ups. And then ovations for every time a player is shown on the big screen. And any time Montreal fans happen to see the color red.


- Always stretch before a Canucks game. Always - 48% of all sick days in 2011 were attributed to poor warm up routines during the Stanley Cup run.

- Cliff Pavan had his last game as an NHL goal judge tonight, after 36 years of great service. In his honor, red lights everywhere briefly went on, before turning off again, on a close scoring chance.

- Even these guys were shocked at how fast the first period was. It felt like you were watching NHL '94 on the Sega Genesis. Back and forth, back and forth, fans barely had time to scream their team allegiances in the split crowd.

- It's why they're called the BurrBonHigg Plague line. Symptoms include lethargy, fatigue, and the desire to no longer play hockey. The BurrBonHigg Plague will take out several teams this year.

- This is why watching hockey before Halloween can be dangerous. Before you know it, you're knee deep in candy wrappers, chocolate stains are all over your phone, and you're wondering where the last three hours of your life went.

- Although the first period ended in a tie, the action in the game was intense, with scoring chances at both ends of the ice, much to the delight of everyone in attendance.

- Even Fin, who was dressed up as a ninja, was seen watching the game intently. Rumor has it he had a bet with the Montreal mascot, and the loser had to watch a Toronto Maple Leafs game. This is but a small glimpse into the high stakes world of mascots.


- If you're into goaltending, then this was the game for you. Ryan Miller and Carey Price were playing like their lives were on the line in this one. They traded save after save, and water bottle sip after water bottle sip.

- A tick tack goal is one of the nicest things you can do in hockey. Bonino, however, scored without his linemate Higgins helping out. Friendships have been ruined over less.

- One of the people who helps decide the ratings in the EA NHL games sits up in press row. Unfortunately he is not a Canucks fan, so Bo Horvat will not be rated 86 OV next year.

- Rule 27 of hockey recaps: Anytime you can utilize a Sedin in a gold hockey helmet, you do it.

- Signs a game is being called well, or at the vert least, consistently? Fans from both sides are equally as mad about the reffing.

- Another fun part of having a split crowd to watch a game is that everybody is happy about all the plays. A team makes a good pass? Half the crowd cheers. A good save? Half the crowd cheers. No matter what, people are cheering, it's the happiest time to watch a game.

- Much like Cody Hodgson and Zack Kassian comparisons, Bonino and Kesler are also eternally attached to tweets like this until the end of time.

- If Raffi has taught us anything, it's how to make calls on a banana phone, and that he always believes in the Canucks.


- Brad "Who is your daddy and what does he do" Richardson absolutely snipes it past a surprised Carey Price. Montreal fans sat down in stunned silence.

- Opposing teams need to start making a Brad Richardson plan.

- See, Raffi is on board as well.

- At one point Subban jumped on Daniel Sedin and started attempting to wash his face with his glove. What a Sedin could possibly have done to incite that much anger is confusing. He made too nice of a pass? He apologized too loudly?

- Give credit to the Habs fans, they are a loud group of people. They were well represented tonight.

- Also, there was some debate on if there was goaltender interference or not. Surprisingly, Vancouver fans tended to side on the "interference" side of the debate.

- Biggest boo of the night was the delay in handing out the 50/50 money. On that issue, Canucks fans and Habs fans were united.

- Unfortunately Montreal had a different plan, as they tied the game up late. Ex-Canuck Dale Weise was in on the scoring play, to add an extra layer of bitter to the cake of sadness.


- After the Canucks were awarded a power play on the most illegal pick of all time from Gilbert, Vancouver put the game away on a beautiful play, by who else, the Sedins.

- How did he get there so quickly after the game??


- There is no TimBits play of the game, so instead, here is a video of the best of the Halloween costumes on display at Rogers Arena during the game. Bert and Ernie might be the best costumes out of the bunch.

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