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From the Rafters (10.18.14)

by Wyatt Arndt / Vancouver Canucks
Eddie Lack had his first game of the season as the Canucks took on the Tampa Bay Lightning Saturday night. Read on for all the highlights of the hits, passes, and Vrbata's icy cold stares.

- With the Sedins looking like 25 year old versions of themselves recently (minus Trent Klatt riding shotgun with them), the Canucks have themselves one of the most exciting lines in the NHL to start the season. How exciting? Dan Hamhuis almost smiled once when talking about them.

- Hansen served notice early on to everyone that he was taking no prisoners tonight, even his own teammates. Honey badgers simply do not care!

- The Canucks gave away free scarfs tonight, which is now tied with poutine as the most talked about non-hockey change the Canucks have made.


- Welcome to the regular season Eddie Lack! Lack was greeted with a Stamkos breakaway for his first shot of the NHL season, which seems like a cruel and unusual punishment. Stamkos scored because Stamkos is unfairly good at hockey.

- Sure, Stamkos can score, but does he have abs like Chris Higgins? Full credit to Bonino for pulling off some dangles that even Henrik Sedin would be impressed with.

- One of the best moments in hockey is when the opposing team shoots the puck out of play in their own end. The crowd reacts like a Jerry Springer show, publicly shaming the other team for having the audacity to shoot the puck out of play.

- As hard as it can be for Canucks fans to watch a player come into their building and start dominating, there comes a point where you just sit back and enjoy watching someone who is so ridiculously good. This is what people must have felt when Bure would light up their team in the 90s.

- John Travolta took in the game tonight, and while most people remember him from movies like Saturday Night Fever and Pulp Fiction, late 90's movie action fans will remember him as the guy opposite Nic Cage in Face/Off, a movie with the worst stunt doubles ever.

- Yep, point taken, Stamkos knows how to play hockey.

- Raffi has the Canucks' back!


- What's nice about this goal is that it isn't Stamkos scoring it. Alex Edler continues to bounce back from a below average season last year with strong play to start the season. All that's missing is his trademark random huge hit on an unsuspecting forward. Dustin Brown is always a good choice for that, later in the year.

- this a real thing? Can we actually call him and tell him to score?? This is brilliant!

- It should come as no surprise that Eddie Lack, who is probably the world's nicest guy, had his name chanted in the second period after making several good saves in a row. Oddly enough, one of those saves was on a Dan Hamhuis shot.

- While #BeastMode might be gone, the Canucks still have #BeardMode thanks to Higgins perfectly manscaped facial hair. Higgins played well with Bonino and Burrows, who are looking to provide some badly needed secondary scoring.

- The Canucks had their chances in the second period, especially on the powerplay, but just couldn't find a way to grab the lead in the game. And as the Hockey Gods have taught everyone, if your team doesn't score after several good chances, the other team automatically gets a goal. That's just how hockey works. The Lightning ended the period with a 3-2 lead as a result.


- The Lightning made it 4-2 early in the third period, much to the chagrin of the scarf clothed fans at Rogers Arena.

- Despite the Canucks powerplay failing to make a difference in the game, it was still light years ahead of last seasons powerplay. This game it just felt like the Canucks didn't have luck on their side, as they came really close to converting several times during a third period power play.

- Signs that the hockey gods want no part of your team winning? Posts. The Canucks fell victim to the monster known as the post in the third period, despite thousands of fans screaming at it, telling it to let the puck into the net. Posts never seem to listen.

- It's a real thing. Hockey Gods are mean spirited.

- Signs your team really really wants to win the game? Your captain dives on top of a goalie who dove on top of a puck, in an attempt to find a loose puck.


- Forget goal of the intermission, this one was goal of the night. Look at that second effort! Quick, sign him to a contract!

- A loss is never the best outcome, but one thing you can say about the Canucks this season is they have been exciting games to watch. Even though the Canucks were down 4-2, they never stopped battling, and refused to give into the "mopes", which they often fell victim to last year.

- 81-1 is good because it shows that you're a great team, but you're not rubbing an undefeated season in people's faces. This is a good, considerate, and very Canadian plan.

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