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From the Rafters (1.8.15)

by Wyatt Arndt / Vancouver Canucks
The Canucks took on the Panthers as Roberto Luongo returned to the site of his biggest victory, Olympic gold. Read on to find out all about the star studded affair in the social media suite, and let’s not lie, a ton of stuff about Luongo.

- Shane O’Brien’s return? Willie Mitchell’s return? Oh right, that Luongo guy was back in town tonight. After watching the slowest sports trade (divorce?) in NHL history, Canucks fans were lining up to celebrate their former goaltender and pay their respects to the best goalie in Canucks history. Which also means it was impossible to tell the “boo”’s from the “Luu”’s at times.

- The Canucks held their Social Media Suite night tonight, inviting active Canucks bloggers and social media darlings to partake in the game. Even Raffi himself made an appearance, though there were no banana phones or baby belugas sung about. That apparently takes place at the Roxy.

- Careful, in Sweden that means you’re married now.


- He must be joking. Surely he must be joking. Surely.

- It was a bit weird at first, but if you closed your eyes, and pretended it was 2011, everything was ok. Assuming you didn’t pretend it was 2011, game 7 of the Finals. If you pretended that, you made a huge mistake.

The fans were dying to “Luu” the first shot so badly that the first couple of shots that went wide were greeted with half “Luu”’s.

- Daniel Sedin made the game 1-0, and if you like happy endings, stop reading right here. For the rest of you, this was the last goal of the game for the Canucks, but at least they didn’t let Luongo get a shutout. Vancouver is nice, but not that nice.

- Super fan Raffi was at the social media suite, while once again, Michael Buble was touring the world doing super famous things. Where are your Canucks priorities good sir??

- Luongo did get a standing ovation when his video tribute was shown. Luongo saluted the crowd, fought back tears, then hugged his posts and told them they looked very pretty tonight.


- Is this a new signing?? Is this finally the Bertuzzi replacement we’ve been waiting for??

- Luongo, aside from having a delightful looking stanchion watching over him all game, played very well all game long. Which is nice on one hand, good for him for playing well. But on the other hand, we had a deal buddy, you were supposed to play well but lose. LOSE. You forgot the losing part.

- Fin, not one to be upstaged by Raffi, made an appearance in the social media suite as well. You would think THAT would be the time to sing about baby belugas, but alas, it was not meant to be.

-The ref was in rare form tonight, screaming like a drill sergeant. He really wanted you to know what calls he was making. “TWO MINUTES FOR HOOKING. NOW GIVE ME TWENTY.”


- This dance had a slow start, but by the end of it, it had intoxicated two other people to join in. This child is therefore now known as the Lord of the Dance and can be booked for local weddings.

- Kirk McLean made an appearance in the social media suite as well. It was a star studded affair all night long! The minute Kirk entered the room, whispers of “The Save....” rippled through the room. Then someone threw a can of gingerale at Kirk AND HE STACKED HIS PADS TO STOP IT. It was madness. (That last part might not have been true, but let’s pretend it was).

- It’s a known fact that the only way to silence bloggers is to put them in a room full of free popcorn.

- Old habits die hard.

- The highlight of the game for the Canucks was one shift where Bo Horvat muscled his way to the net, almost scoring, and then drawing a penalty. Sadly screaming “Booooooooo” doesn’t sound as good as “Luuuuuuuu” so no chants were made.

- Things got heated at the end when Luongo took some swings at Dorsett for crashing his crease. One would assume Luongo checked to make sure it wasn’t old friend Burrows before dropping the hammer.

- Luongo throwing bombs!

- Alas, the Canucks could not prevent Luongo from completing his NHL victory Bingo tonight. Thanks for the memories, Lu!


- The minor hockey league goal of the night goes for the ol’ knucklepuck shot. Goalies never see it coming. The interview of the night goes to the young child who already has the post game lingo down pat. “Good. Good. Really good.” That is a future NHL player right there.

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