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From the Rafters (1.30.15)

by Wyatt Arndt / Vancouver Canucks
The Canucks took on the Buffalo Sabres, who decided to make Cody Hodgson a healthy scratch much to the chagrin of, well, nobody. Read on to find out about vintage salmon jerseys, Seahawks fever, and finally a few goals!

- One of the weirder hockey traditions continued tonight, as Ronalds Kenins, making his NHL debut, was tricked into doing a warm-up lap alone by himself.

Two things: One, Ryan Miller forgot about the trick and quickly had to race off the ice once he realized it, and two, wouldn’t a better trick be a pie in the face or making him wear bright neon socks? Getting to skate a lap by yourself pretending everyone came to the game Just to see you ? That seems pretty awesome.

- Don’t contain it! Scream! Scream at the enemy! Down with the Sabres! Let them know what we think of their third jerseys!

- And after a long day at school to boot. Those kids brought it 110% ! As Coach Willie D would say, they were real good. Real real good.


- That’s it, no more tribute videos. Ever. Can’t afford to risk it.

- The cameraman being filmed by another cameraman is disconcerting. Cameraception?

- Buffalo went up 1-0 after noted jinxer John Shorthouse, well, jinxed the Canucks. Shorthouse pointed out the Canucks top ranked penalty killing was facing the Sabres last ranked power play. If only Shortie could harness his jinxing power for good...

- David Caruso approves this joke. Only after putting on a pair of sunglasses though. Seriously, Hackett made a really great save on Matthias, which on one hand, awesome save, but on the other hand, come on guy, be a good guest and let that in for the home team.

- Seahawks fans, rejoice! The 12th man is alive and well in Rogers Arena. Everyone else? Close your eyes and wait for Seahawks fever to be over.

- Never has a name looked so right in the rafters.

- Matthias would finally get his revenge near the end of the period. After out working, out hustling, and out...painting? Sure, why not, out painting the Sabres his entire shift, it led to Kassian bulldozing the puck to the net. This eventually led to Horvat tapping in a greasy goal with the puck just sitting on the goal line behind Sabres goaltender Matt Hackett. How greasy was the goal? So greasy people threw Big Macs on the ice in celebration.


- This was young Max’s second tweet ever, and boy did he choose a great view to do it of.

- There is no joke here, just appreciation for the use of this Millhouse quote. Just sit back and enjoy the goals, folks.

- When Raffi is this happy, you know the Canucks are starting to score goals again.

- Look at that Canucks conga goal line. Glorious. Look at that Sabres line of shame. Not so glorious, but still pretty fun.

- SHORTHOUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE! (read that in Super Nintendo Chalmer’s voice)

- Wine is the new soda? This also makes section 101 the classiest section in the arena. Top hats and monocles for everyone!


- You know how you start off a third period? WITH THE SALMON JERSEY. Look at the lady beside him. Much like the sun, she can’t stare at the jersey for more than a few seconds without its brilliance overwhelming her pupils. Gaze, averted. Much like the fine wine found in section 101, that jersey gets better with age.

- An over excited fan threw their hat on the ice in celebration of Higgins goal. Either that, or there was a nest of bees in their hat they were finding for the first time. The bee story sounds more exciting, so lets run with that one. Regardless, it was 4-2 in Rogers Arena and the crowd was jumping.

- At one point it looked like the Sabres were killing off a penalty as the Canucks hemmed them in their own zone for what felt like ten minutes. In fact, it was 5 on 5, it was just the Sabres being the Sabres. The Sabres were possibly passively aggressively playing defense? “Sure, you go ahead and score, that’s fine. No no, it’s ok, seriously, that’s really cool of you to score more goals. You guys are AWESOME. ”

- That is impressive tweeting, it’s not often Proletariat victories get bandied about like that!

- Sometimes a hashtag says it all. Good guys win 5-2.


- You know what, this somehow seems amazing to me. Judges ruling: not a jersey foul, that is a conversation starter right there. Two thumbs up!

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